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Impowerage welcomes contributions to our content. We accept articles on fitness, health, wealth and other issues relevant to our readers. We are happy to reprint sections of books that may be of interest to our readers or tell your personal inspiring story. If you would like to have your article published please read our Content Guidelines before contacting us at

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Monthly Contributors

Financial Experts

Heather & Dennis Heather and Dennis write a monthly financial advice column for Impowerage. Together they run Retirement Rocks, a company that presents retirement seminars

Heather Compton has presented seminars on financial and retirement lifestyle issues for over 30 years. Before her retirement she served as Vice President and Senior Investment Advisor for a major financial services company.

In addition to co-presenting retirement seminars with Heather, Dennis has extensive experience as an assistant facilitator, lead facilitator, coach, and mentor in personal development and life skills programs.

Combining their financial and life experience the husband and wife team have co-written Retirement Rocks! Canadian Boomers Invest in Life. You can find their book online or in independent bookstores. Their book tells you more than just how much you need to invest financially but also how to invest in your relationships and health.

Technology Expert

Marilynne RudickMarilynne Rudick writes a monthly technology column for Impowerage. She also writes about web tools and technologies in her WebOver50 blog.  She believes the web is wasted on the young, and her blog explains web apps– social networking, blogging, YouTube, and the treasure trove of new web tools—for people like herself: an over50 history major.

In 1996, while email was in its infancy and the Internet limited to computer geeks, she co-founded E-WRITE, a writing training and consulting company specializing in online writing. Marilynne has written web content for corporate clients (Sallie Mae, GEICO, eSylvan), government (Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and Museum of American History, Energy Information Administration) and nonprofits (Muslims on Screen and Television, Pan American Health Organization).

She is also the co-author of Clear, Correct, Concise E-Mail: A Writing Workshop for Customer Service Agents, now in its 12th printing.

Career Expert

Vibeke Realign Your Career Coach Vibeke Schurch is a career expert who helps stressed-out, overwhelmed and unhappy professionals reorganize their career to create balance in every part of their life. Using her Signature System, Realign, she helps you determine what’s out of alignment in your life and shows you what you need to do to get realigned, so you can live a healthy and happy life while thriving in a career you love.

This could involve switching jobs, switching careers, starting a business, learning new ways to cope with stress, challenge limiting beliefs, dealing with fears, as well as time- management and organization.

Vibeke has coached hundreds of people in areas such as career choice, career transition, life and business. She has built successful companies and managed one of Norway’s top career counseling firms. Her formal education is from The University of Oslo, Norway where she studied psychology, as well as The University of Oregon where she got her BA in communications. She is also a certified coach.

Relationship Expert

Kim Leatherdale Kim Leatherdale writes a monthly relationship column for Impowerage. She also writes a popular relationship blog and is the owner of Creating Rewarding Relationships – where individuals and couples can learn how to have the cherishing and connected relationships they deserve. She loves to teach and write, has guested on multiple blogs, and has a book being considered for publishing. Kim also provides workshops both in person and on-line. You can find her fanpage on Facebook and follow her on Twitter as HappyCoupleXprt.

In her work as a licensed professional counselor, Kim has developed a passion for the skills and concepts that make relationships work. She believes relationships are what make us most human- whether they are with ourselves, others, or the world.

Happily, Kim is joined by a husband who shares her understanding a relationship takes work but is worth the time.

Fitness Experts

LeeAnn Langdon became a certified personal trainer in her mid 40s and owns Prime of Life Fitness located in Colorado.

LeeAnn’s specialty is working with mature adults—Baby Boomers and Seniors—to help them develop the fitness habits that will let them age gracefully, vibrantly and joyfully. For more fitness tips and routines visit the Prime of Life Fitness website.
Susan Manning

Susan Mannning writes fitness columns for Impowerage. Susan has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. She has worked as a club manager, program director and as the staff development director for the Langley Fitness World. Susan is a certified Personal Trainer and holds numerous other certifications. She specializes in training older adults and muscle building and toning.

Susan has competed in everything from marathons to body-building competitions. As a mother of three, she is passionate about promoting fitness for children.

In addition to publishing numerous fitness articles she also co-wrote “It’s Never Too Late to Be Fit” with Dr. Carolyn Anderson.

Wellness Expert

Dr. Carolyn AndersonDr. Carolyn Anderson is an opthamologist practising in Langley, BC. She founded the Impowerage magazine as a means to raise money for macular degeneration research. As an eye surgeon she has seen first hand the effect that macular degeneration has on her patients and is committed to helping find preventative measures. Carolyn regularly writes an “On My Mind” column where gives advice on living well and pursuing your dreams. As a professional speaker she gives retirement strategies for optimum health and energy.

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