Dr. Carolyn Anderson

Dr. Carolyn Anderson

Dr. Carolyn Anderson is the founder of the Impowerage Magazine. She started Impowerage as a way to raise money for macular degeneration research and donates 20% of the proceeds towards research.

Dr. Carolyn Anderson is an Ophthalmic Surgeon with a thriving practice focusing on cataract surgery, glaucoma, and the monitoring of ocular diseases. As a busy cataract surgeon with an office practice of more than 25,000 patients, Dr. Anderson deals mainly with the retired population and those facing retirement within the next decade. This puts her in a unique position to observe the importance of attitude and activity in aging, health and wellbeing.

Dr. Anderson has a passion for helping the experienced population through her practice and through publishing Impowerage. Impowerage reflects her desire to empower older adults with the information they need to continue living healthy active lifestyles in their 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond.

Dr. Anderson is a columnist, Huffington Post blogger and co-author of a best-selling book, Pushing To The Front, with Brian Tracy. Her chapter in Pushing To The Front outlines the Energy Management system to help you move from only managing your time to managing your energy. By maximizing your energy levels you can accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible. Dr. Anderson is a professional speaker who teaches retirement strategies for optimum health and energy. She also has a passion for the personal and practice development of physicians through her website at Impowermed.

Her eye surgery practice is located in Langley, British Columbia. Dr. Anderson also co-owns a state of the art private surgical facility, The Langley Surgical Centre.

Dr. Anderson graduated from medical school at the University of British Columbia in 1994 and completed her residency in 1999 with training at The University of British Columbia, Stanford University and The University of Western Australia.

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