They say that aging is a state of mind. Today, the idea has never been more relevant. The transformative powers of knowledge, health, lifestyle and resources enable us to live our best lives and continue to dream and to soar.

At Impowerage, we ask the question: Why age gracefully, when you can age powerfully?

Empowering yourself to living a life of passion and contribution is at the heart of our mission at Impowerage. Impowerage is committed to redefining aging. Age is nothing but a number and it is never too late to be fit, give back or start living the life of your dreams.

We provide a community in which to gain the latest insights in health and wellness, connect with other active older adults and get involved in business, social and fitness opportunities specifically designed to enhance your life and support your goals.

Impowerage was started by cataract surgeon, Dr. Carolyn Anderson, to raise money for macular degeneration research.

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