50+ Scholarship Finalist: Kandi DeCarlo

Kandi DeCarlo is one of the finalists in the 50+ Scholarship Contest. To vote for your favorite entry please visit our Facebook page or vote through this poll.

If I won the 50 + Impowerage Scholarship, I would get my college certificate in nutrition. I currently am a triathlete and Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and I love helping women get off the couch and into shape. I want to help older women become the best they can be physically and mentally and that involves nutrition.

I’m not currently supposed to give women nutritional advice without nutrition training. I would love to get certified and be able to not only tell my clients what exercises to do to get healthy and fit, but also what to eat to be healthy and fit. Getting my certificate in nutrition would be good for me and my clients! With this scholarship I will be able to continue my education and be able to become the “Jillian Michaels” of the older population.

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