7 Christmas Crafts to Do with the Grandkids

December 13, 2011

Christmas time is often remembered and treasured for years; memories are made and loved ones gather. Visits with grandchildren are opportunities to join together and create pieces to keep and cherish. We have found seven creative crafts worth saving that will make your time together fun and fruitful.

Heart shaped salt dough ornament

Photo by Elin B.

1. Salt Dough Ornaments

These ornaments can be hung on the tree, used as gift tags, or given as gifts. This dough, made of three ingredients, can be coloured, painted, glittered, shaped, and varnished to suit your aesthetic preferences. You can also add food colouring or spices like ginger to change the colour.

2. Puffy Paint

Painting with puffy paint is a great way to engage your and your grandchild’s creativity. Puffy paint has a thick, puffy appearance and texture. The painting process is simple and the materials are few. Clean-up is easy; the paint is made with flour, salt, and water, and it rinses off well. Enjoy creating splatter designs, pictures, or even snowflakes covered with puffy paint as snow.

3. Bouncy Ball

Multi colored bouncy balls

Photo by beatboxbadhabit

A research team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology dates bouncy balls back to 1600 B.C., when rubber makers harvested latex from rubber trees and mixed it with juice from morning glory vines.Today, bouncy balls are popular, fun, and eye-catching. With items easily found in your cupboards or at the grocery store, you can make your own bouncy balls. Modify the shape, color  or composition of your bouncy balls to personalize

4. Calming Glitter Jar This pretty, sparkly glitter jar is easy to make, and has therapeutic effects, too. This craft requires minimal materials, and clean-up is easy, as the materials are contained. Once your calming glitter jar is created, shake it, and watch the glitter float down and settle. The activity is useful and effective for soothing children overly excited by the Christmas rush.

Pasta snowflake ornament hanging from garland.

Photo by Kim of Themoney-pit.com

5. Pasta Snowflakes

Homemade ornaments can instantly incite fond memories. As they are taken out of their boxes and displayed proudly year after year, they act as reminders of the time spent creating them. These pasta snowflake ornaments leave a lot of room for your creativity; you can choose any type of pasta and design you like, and even add colour if you wish.

6. Crayon Hearts

Baking pan with heart shapes, filled with chopped crayons.

Photo by Kim of Chefmessy.com

Melted crayons never looked so good. These hearts made of melted crayons are vibrant and colourful, and they take only about twenty minutes to make. The hearts can be two-toned, multi-coloured, or themed; if you prefer a shape other than hearts, choose another mould. To make the shapes into ornaments, simply adhere them to hole-punched cardstock and tie a ribbon through the hole.

Cinnamon ornaments shaped like gingerbread man and candy-cane.

Photo by jimmiehomeschoolmom

7. Cinnamon Ornaments

Made of cinnamon, applesauce, and glue, cinnamon ornaments are not only beautiful, but also delightfully scented, adding a warm, classic, inviting aroma to any space. Add allspice, ground cloves, or ground nutmeg to the recipe to create your favourite scent. This craft is great for grandchildren with allergies, who may not be able to enjoy all the results of baking cookies.


Whether you are craft-shy or an art enthusiast, these crafts are fun, simple, and will create lasting memories of time spent together.

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