Top 10 Summertime Crafts To Do With Your Grandkids

August 23, 2012

This summer when you’re looking to do something fun and creative with your grandkids, try out a summertime craft. Most kids love crafts, and working on something with your grandchildren can be a real bonding experience, and it will help them to create fun, positive memories with you. Here are some of the top summertime crafts that you can try out with your grandchildren!

1. Paper Plate Sun

Nothing says summer more than the sun!  This craft is simple, fun and requires only basic materials.  Add a magnet to the back for the fridge, or a loop on the back to hang it up. It’s recommended for ages four and up but younger toddlers can also participate with a bit of help.

2. Hold a Boat Race

  Kids love action, and with this craft they will not only have fun making it, but they will have fun playing with it in the water. This craft is simple requiring only a plastic tray, popsicle stick, tape and a paper flag. Take advantage of the sun, create boats, and hold a fun boat race!

3.Pet Rocks

Take your grandkids out for a walk to collect interesting rocks to later make them into cute critters. This craft is fun, simple, and allows kids to use their imaginations as the possibilities are endless. Be creative and glue ears to the rocks making it a dog, cat or bunny. You can also match the colors of the rock to the child’s  room making it a cool bedroom decoration. Rocks make great paperweights, which could make a great accessory for your older grandchildren’s homework desks. This craft will be great for kids aged four and up.

4. Make a Garden Plaque

Looking for a more sentimental craft that will keep for years to come? Try making a Garden Plaque that can hold various treasures to admire in the garden, or that can be given as a gift to someone special. Make sure your grandkids are wearing something to protect their clothes, as well as the work surface as the craft requires plaster which can be messy. This craft would be perfect for kids aged six and up.

5. Personalized Beach Towel

 If you’re looking for a more practical craft to do with your grandkids, try out this Personalized beach towel. The kids will enjoy their freedom to decorate their very own beach towel that can be used on future trips to the beach. If you like this craft, you’ll also love the fun  Beach Tote Bag craft.   This craft can be modified for almost every age.

6. Design your own Flip Flops Craft

  This popular craft will be great for both older, and younger grandchildren.  After simply printing out a flip flop template, and cutting out the shape and size of your grandchild’s foot on whatever material you use, let the children use their imaginations to design and create the perfect pair of flip flops. This craft can be framed, and put up on the wall  to have as decoration in their bedrooms;  it can also be used on the cover of a birthday invitation, or put  up on the fridge.

7. Seashell Critters

Looking for something to do with those seashells you collected over the summer? Try making fun seashell critters with your grandkids. It’s a great opportunity for you and the kids to be creative with the different sizes, and shapes of the shells. To create more interesting critters paint or decorate the shells before gluing them together. This craft is great for your grandkids that are six years and older.

8. Coffee Can Drum

Most kids love to make music and this craft is perfect at combining creativity and musical talent. It also serves as a great way to recycle your old coffee tins. To add to this craft, you can poke two holes in the side, and slide a ribbon through the sides to make an entertaining marching drum.This craft is good for ages five and up.


9. Marbled Clay Beads

Your grandkids will have a blast creating this enjoyable craft. Mix different color clay to create a colorful beaded necklace. Not only is this craft a lot of fun, but the kids will enjoy having a beautiful, personalized accessory to wear! This craft is perfect for kids aged four and up.

10. Campfire Craft

  If the weather lets you down this summer you can have fun indoors with this nifty campfire craft. Start out by collecting old cardboard tubes to be used as the wood logs of the fire. Next, all you need to add is the colorful tissue paper for the flames. Kids enjoy imaginative play and with this completely safe camp fire their imaginations can run wild. This craft is good for ages four and up.

Your grandkids will love the memories made this summer making these special summertime crafts with you. What are some of your favorite craft activities to keep your grandchildren busy during the summer?

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