50+ Scholarship: Lifelong Learning Contest Winners

January 11, 2012

Anthony J. D'Angelo, Passion for Learning QuoteThank you to everyone who participated in the “50+ Scholarship: Lifelong Learning Contest,” designed to help our readers pursue their next career move, hobby or creative passion.  We were excited to see the number of entrants, and their passion for lifelong learning.

We are pleased to announce the winners of the scholarship opportunity.

The $400 grand prize goes to Bonnie McDonald, who will put her winnings towards the business course “Sales and Planning Toolkit” at the Continuing Studies program at Langara College. McDonald is the author of the soon-to-be-released “How to Get the Job You Love: 7 Simple Strategies to Getting  Work You are Passionate About in Any Economy –Guaranteed!,” and she will use lessons from the course towards the marketing of her book. McDonald’s book is inspired by her recent experiences. In 2010, her husband fell ill and became paralyzed. McDonald had to leave her career in sales to become the sole caretaker and they were forced to transition from living on a two-income home to living without any income.

Bonnie McDonald.

Bonnie views starting over at age 55 as an adventure. After she attended the Zoomer Show in Vancouver, she learned that the baby boomer generation has more opportunities than any previous generation. McDonald says, “if we are open to continued learning, we will stay vibrant and full of passion for life.”

In second place, Judy Rachmani won $200 by choosing her favourite learning-related quote as part of the Facebook draw. Rachmani used to be an avid photographer when her parents lived over 9,600 kilometres away and relied on Rachmani to take pictures of their grandchildren. Later, Rachmani took up card-making, and created cards for charitable organizations such as Post Pals.

Judy Rachmani.

At age 58, Rachmani now plans to combine the two interests, and will study digital photography and integrate the art into her card-making. Rachmani will put the prize money towards a digital photography course at the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel. The course is designed for “beginners and experienced photographers who want to improve and take more creative pictures.”

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  • http://www.grammieknows.com Olivia Morris

    Education is something that happens every day of our lives. We have opportunities to try things that we have never done before. There have been so many changes in technology, grab the chance to learn about how to do things in this digital age. But don’t forget your past either, there are many lessons back there that need to be held on to tightly. I know that I have embraced changes in the way things are done and my grandchildren are my inspiration. I watch how they use ipads and computers without fear. At the same time, I hug them on my lap and read from books, tell stories, plant seeds, dig in the ground and a host of non-technology related activities. They need to know how to use not only their brains but also their hands. Most importantly they need to learn to love themselves and everything around them. Hopefully they will grow to know that they can do many many things in life and roll with the punches that are sure to show up along the road…..just like we did and do….

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