50+ Weekly News: Nobel Prize Winners, Farming Pioneer, “Her Deepness,” Estella’s Brilliant Bus

October 15, 2013

We continually find examples of people over 50 doing extraordinary things. Some people are breaking Guinness World Records, others are quietly starting new companies, continuing to compete in sports or taking up new hobbies. We share these stories to inspire you to make the most out of your 2nd half of life. We also find relevant articles on travel, retirement, and health to share.

We share these stories and other relevant news on our Facebook and Twitter accounts daily and have compiled the stories from the last week in the following article. You can sign up for a weekly email with inspirational stories like the ones below at the bottom of this page.

Nobel Prize Winners

Congratulations to Peter Higgs, 84 and François Englert, 80 for winning a Nobel Prize in physics for their work in discovering a particle known as Higgs boson, or the God particle.

Congratulations to author Alice Munro, 82, for being the first Canadian to win a Nobel Prize in literature.

Photo by Southern Foodways Alliance

Photo by Southern Foodways Alliance

91 -Year old Organic Farming Pioneer

91-year-old, organic farming pioneer, Deborah Szekely  has been organic farming since the 1930s. In her 91 years of life she has accomplished a lot, including; running for Congress, managing a federal agency, serving as a delegate for UNESCO, and now she’s back at Rancho La Puerta.

Rancho La Puerta is the ranch both her and her husband started in the 1940s. It is now a 3,ooo acre property in Mexico which consists of a commune, award-winning spa, and farm.

Szekely’s keeps fit by doing Pilates 6 times a week. She also wants to try a tai chi or qigong class. Szekely believes that if you want to age well into the 90s, and even 100’s you need to “Cook from scratch.”

She says, “There are life-giving elements in food. Not just vitamins, not just minerals – freshness, aliveness. Processed food just doesn’t have it. The body has a hard time recognizing it.” She also suggests that you understand what your “body needs,” and not what your “mind wants.”

“Her Deepness”

Photo by Derek Keats

Photo by Derek Keats

78-year-old Dr. Sylvia Earle is known to many as “Her Deepness”. She was named “Hero of the Planet,” by Time magazine, and is the National Geographic “Society Explorer in Residence.” She has spent over 7,000 hours under water, which translates to a total of 292 days.

She holds several underwater depth records, including diving to 1,250 feet without a safety line connecting her to someone above the surface. Along with her diving records, Earle has published over 100 scientific papers on topics that include marine flora, and fauna, the effects of oil spills, undersea exploration technologies, and many more.

Earle has a passion for saving our world oceans. She knows first-hand the destruction we have caused through over-fishing, noise pollution, and ocean acidification. She explains how we are the first generation to even know what we are doing to 96% of Earth’s water, as previous generations were under the assumption that the ocean was “too big to fail”. This knowledge is crucial because it will hopefully help us make a difference.

Photo by Extra Ketchup

Photo by Extra Ketchup

Estella’s Brilliant Bus

As a guidance counselor, Estella Pyfrom saw students without access to computers and at risk of falling behind. After she retired, the now 76-year-old bought a bus and outfitted it with computers.

Estella’s Brilliant Bus has provided free, computer-based tutoring for more than 2,000 students since 2011. Visit her website to find out more about the organization and how you can help.

She was recently named one of the 10 CNN Heroes of 2013 and if her work gathers enough votes, she’ll receive 25,000 to support her work.


Do You Want To Live To 120?

In the near future, advances in biomedical technology will allow those of us who live in developed countries, to live significantly longer lives. There have been many advances over the past few decades in extending lifespan, and those advances have been spreading into mainstream clinical practices and coming together with other technologies.

Here are just some examples of the time and resources being used to advance the human lifespan:  Over $1 trillion has been spent on biomedical research over the past 20 years, the lifespan of some lab animals have been increased significantly, vital organs have been grown from patients own cells, cancer survival rates have increased, and the number of scientists working on extending the lifespan worldwide has increased exponentially.

“Ping Pong “

Ping Pong’ is a documentary featuring players competing at the World Veterans Table Tennis Championships including 88-year-old Lisa Modlich, a world champion and 100-year-old Dorothy DeLow.

Learning Online

The cheapest and easiest way to learn nowadays is online. Cyrus Newitt, is a 70-year-old lighting designer, who says he had his “peak educational experience” last winter when he completed a free class online that featured a university professor’s fireside chats on modern world history. This example of online learning has been utilized by many boomers who want to take advantage of a movement that many, including Bill Gates, predict is education’s future.

Celebrity Birthdays

Photo by David Shankbone

Photo by David Shankbone

Happy 64th Birthday to Sigourney Weaver on October 8. She is best known for her role as “Ellen Ripley” in the four Alien films.  She has also appeared in, Avatar, Ghostbusters, Gorillas in the Mist and Working Girl.

Photo by Jesse Chang

Photo by Jesse Chang

Happy 70th Birthday to Chevy Chase on October 8th. Cornelius Crane, his actual name, is an American comedian, writer and actor. He is well known for his role in the National Lampoon films.

Happy 51st Birthday to Joan Cusack on October 11th. She’s appeared in numerous films and you might recognize her as the voice of Jessie in the Toy Story movies.

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