50+ Weekly News: Woman Funds University For Over 150 Kids, Benefits of Music For Baby Boomers

November 30, 2013

We continually find examples of people over 50 doing extraordinary things. Some people are breaking Guinness World Records, others are quietly starting new companies, continuing to compete in sports or taking up new hobbies. We share these stories to inspire you to make the most out of your second half of life. We also find relevant articles on travel, retirement, and health to share.

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Photo by DeaPeaJay

Photo by DeaPeaJay

Woman Funds University For Over 150 Kids

Oral Lee Brown has sent more than 150 kids to university. The 68-year-old realtor first promised a class of 23 children in 1987 that she would fund their college if they graduated high school. Despite only a 54 percent graduation rate, 19 of the kids in the class graduated, and enrolled in college. “I don’t have a magic wand,” she told People.com. “It is hard work, determination and love. I can’t allow mine to fail.”

Michael Tatmon one of her grateful kids from that very first class in 1987, is a now 32 year old graduate from Benedictine College. He tells People.com that “Ms. Brown was always in my corner…I appreciate her guidance, her wisdom. She taught us you can make it out of the hood.”  Brown has now set up a foundation that has helped over 150 children attend college with financial, and emotional support.  

The Benefits Of Music For Baby Boomersbenefits of music

Listening to music can have a potent effect on your brain; however, playing it can completely re-shape your brain, and how it works. Research has shown that one in eight baby boomers struggle with memory. A surprising find is that music can help counteract that cognitive decline. Studies suggest that regularly playing an instrument changes the shape, and power of the brain. It may also improve cognitive skills.

Aside from the cognitive benefits, music has also shown to reduce stress on a molecular level. It has also been shown to cause the release of the Human Growth Hormone, which is known to slow down the ageing process. Its never too late to learn something new, so why not give music a try, as there are so many benefits for you!

Celebrity Birthdays

Tina Turner by Helge Overas

Tina Turner by Helge Overas

Happy 74th Birthday to Tina Turner on November 26. Turner is considered the most successful female rock artist and has sold more concert tickets than any other solo performer in history.

Happy 62 Birthday to Kathryn Bigelow on November 27.  At age 57, she became the only female winner of an Academy Award for Best Director for her film The Hurt Locker.

Ed Harris by Lcsulla

Ed Harris by Lcsulla

Bill Nye the Science Guy turns 58 on November 27. He recently appeared on Dancing with the Stars but was eliminated after getting injured.

Happy 63rd Birthday to Ed Harris on November 28. He was nominated for an Oscar for his lead role in Pollock and also nominated three times for best supporting actor. Last week he celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary which also deserves an award in Hollywood.

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