It’s Never Too Late Writing Contest Winner

June 1, 2011

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the “It’s Never Too Late” Writing Contest. After hundreds of votes were cast we are proud to announce that the person with the highest number of votes and the winner of the $500 grand prize is…

Mary McManus!

Writing Contest Winner- Mary

Mary Mcmanus after finishing the Boston Marathon

Mary wrote the inspiring story, “It’s Never Too Late to Transform Your Life and Run Your First Marathon.

In 2nd place was Daphne Solecki for her story on It’s Never Too Late to Create an Organization and Magazine and in 3rd place was the story It’s Never Too Late to Travel the World by Irene Butler.

Other finalists were:

Congratulations to everyone who participated! All the runner-up finalists will receive a $100 gift card to Amazon.

The 2nd round of the contest begins on Friday. Be sure to join us on Facebook or sign up for or monthly newsletter to keep up with this next contest and other upcoming contests, giveaways and articles.

It’s Never Too Late to Change Careers Finalists

Come back on Friday, June 3rd to read the series of stories on career changes after 50. The 2nd voting period will run from June 3rd to June 17th

  1. I Think You’re Looking For Me By Cathryn Wellner
  2. Inspired: A Second Chance to Dance By E.C. Premo
  3. The Never Ending Adventure By Peter Morris
  4. The Recession Awakens an Artistic Entrepreneur By Christine Henry
  5. 50-year-old Vows to Make the Most Out of His 1200 Months By Margaret Hennessey
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  • Irene Butler

    Congratulations to Mary McManus for top place in the voting! And to Daphanie for 2nd place, and to Cynthia, Lura and Madeleine. And I thank all who voted me into 3rd place in the contest! I found it fun to be one of the participants, and was truly inspired by all of the wonderful stories, as I’m sure all of the readers drawn to Impowerage by this contest also were. My best wishes to all the participants, and to the Impowerage team for their effort in setting up this contest, and look forward to the second round of the contest – with more great stories.
    Irene Butler

  • Madeleine Kolb

    I’d like to (belatedly) second Irene’s comment. Congratulations to Mary McManus, Daphne, and Irene for finishing first, second, and third, respectively, in the voting. And to Cynthia and Lura. Thank you to those who voted for me. As I said on my blog, I’d appreciate your vote but I must say that the others finalists’ entries are very inspirational.

    There is so much happening now which challenges outmoded assumptions about aging, and Impowerage is doing a great job with its publication and special events like this contest. I too am looking forward to Round 2.

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