The Age of Champions Documentary

April 26, 2013

age-of-championsThe Age of Champions is a documentary featuring athletes training for and competing at the National Senior Olympics. The documentary proves that the competitive spirit never dies.

One of the athletes featured is Roger Gentilhomme, a 100-year-old tennis player who always wanted to live to 100. Now that he’s met his goal, he feels like he’s got a new lease on life.

The Tigerettes basketball team has six women over the age of 65. These women have won the US Nationals 5 times and are determined to win again against their rivals.

Bradford and John Tatum are 88 and 90-year-old brothers who swim competitively. They’ve been swimming since the time where they weren’t allowed in white-only community pools. Bradford discovers he had cancer but postpones surgery until after the games.age-of-champions2

86-year-old Adolf Hoffman works to break the pole vaulting record for 85-89 year olds and seeks to match his 4 gold medals he won the previous year.

The athletes shed blood, sweat and tears as they chase their dreams. The film inspires people of all ages to be healthier, happier, and more active.

The film is free online until April 28th and you can order copies of the film and help support the making of the film. The documentary will also be shown on PBS in July.

Age of Champions Trailer

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