12 Reasons Why People Procrastinate

March 18, 2011

By Ranka Burzan

Almost everyone procrastinates, even the most motivated ones. People procrastinate over household repairs, relationship matters, important legal matters and hundreds of other things. But the constant procrastination could interfere with your relationships, family and work. Most of us would like to overcome this troublesome habit, but not everyone is willing to commit to the work and discipline that is required to move forward.

Below are some reasons why you might procrastinate. Once you find your reason for procrastinating you can start to remove the obstacle. If you can just start on something you’ll often find that the task is not as difficult as you’ve feared. One often feels a sense of profound relief after conquering a task one has been dreading.

12 Reasons People Procrastinate

1. We don’t have the right skills to do the project.

  • Start researching the skills you need
  • Hire a professional or call a friend

2. We don’t have the right tools.

  • Buy or borrow the tools
  • Hire a professional

3. We underestimate or overestimate the time we need.

  • Break up the task into smaller chunks and estimate your time on each task
  • Commit to spending 10 minutes a day. It will slowly get done and you may even be motivated to spend more time once you start.
  • You’ll often find that once you finish a task it wasn’t as difficult as you feared and will wonder why you spent so much time avoiding it.

4. We feel overwhelmed with a big project.

  • Enlist a friend to help
  • Break up the task into smaller chunks

5. We have unrealistic goals.

  • Recognize what you can do with your abilities

6. We are perfectionists and want to do the job the right way.

  • Recognize that doing anything is better than doing nothing

7. We have a fear of failing or responsibility.

  • Remember that the greatest failure is failing to try at all

8. We don’t have enough information and preparation.

  • Take time to search for the information

9. We never learned how to make decisions.

  • Write out a list of the pros and cons of each alternative

10. We are easily distracted by clutter, telephone or friends.

  • Schedule set times to work on your project

11 We have difficulty prioritizing our chores.

  • Make a list of everything you need done and a timeline for getting it done

12. We can’t say the word NO.

  • Be realistic about what you do and do not have time to do.

*Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.*

What do you find is your biggest reason for procrastinating?

About the Author: Ranka Burzan is the owner of Solutions Organizing Simple, a professional organizing company and the author of Helpful Hints to Organize and Clean your Home, Your Junk or Your Life, Liberate Your Garage, Clear Your Home, Clear Your Mind and a recent published book S.O.S Guide to Organize and Clean Your Home.

Ranka & family have also created their own line of non-toxic, all natural cleaners safe for your family and pets.

For more information regarding Solutions Organizing Simple services, articles, newsletters and cleaning products visit her web site http://www.SolutionsOrganizing.com

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