50+ Scholarship Finalist: Olivia Morris

Olivia is one of the finalists in the 50+ Scholarship Contest. To vote for your favorite entry please visit our Facebook page or vote through this poll.

I’ve been around the block a few times in her life, and each time there was something new to learn.

I’m well into my 50’s now and I’m still determined to learn how to use all the new media that seems to be everywhere.

I watch my grandchildren play, and see how unafraid they are of the new technology which opens up many new ways to learn and I want to be able to share that with them. I have always loved the ability to share with my grandchildren. They are part of the reason that I started looking into building an on-line store.

I want to bring new and interesting ways for children to learn and have fun while they are experiencing new discoveries that they have made. It always tickles me when they come for a visit and we turn over a stone in the yard. They are awed by the ants that scurry about when we have uncovered their home. We lie in the grass and watch and talk about how the ants work together for the good of the colony. Without beating them over the head they are learning. We are often interrupted by birds flying overhead, the bees in the garden and the fish in the pond. I try to make the most of our time together by gently teaching them about the things around them and how interconnected all things are. They always leave our home with some new found information and a million questions for their parents.

I would like to use the scholarship to learn more about on-line marketing and building the best website for parents, grandparents and kids, where learning and fun go hand in hand. I want to open up older eyes to see and experience what the young eyes are seeing, and sharing their knowledge with the next generation. Growing older is inevitable, but growing up is purely a choice. I want my mind to stay young and learning new things everyday does that for me.

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