50+ Scholarship Finalist: Pierette Logan

Pierette is one of the finalists in the 50+ Scholarship Contest. To vote for your favorite entry please visit our Facebook page or vote through this poll.

Winning the 50+ scholarship prize would be a sign to myself that pursuing a culinary education in middle age is attainable and would really fullfill a life-long dream for me. It is a dream that I have toyed with for years and had at several times given up on, due to the fact that I have rheumatoid arthritis and also, to be honest, have just been plain afraid! I am physically fit and strong but cooking is physically demanding. My attitude is that if I can do it, so can you. If I can do it, anyone can do what they want if they want it bad enough!

I have given a lot of thought about what to do with this “second act” of life, and realized that it has been if front of me all along! My house is filled with recipes and cook books to the point that I am having trouble storing all of them! I love cooking for people, there is nothing that brings more joy to me and to other people than shared meals. I have been baking a lot lately, and I often take the pies, cookies, breads etc., up to my local coffee group for people to try. It is a lot of fun. A friend recently even said to me, “You have a gift in cooking, why don’t you share it?” Well, the scholarship could help me do that. There is a professional pastry program in my area that I would use the prize money to attend.

My grandmother had a huge influence on my life, she was a great baker and home cook and a very spiritual person. Her beautiful pies were so much in demand in her small Ohio town that she had a small buisness selling them, it was named “Helen’s Pies” which is where my inspiration comes from. Lately, I have been using some of her recipes and have even found some from my great-grandmother!

I have been cooking and baking and wanting to start my own business for many years. Once, a donut shop went up for sale in the small beach town where my family vacationed and I wanted to buy it so badly, the man who was selling it even said that he would teach the buyer his business! At that time I had two small children and could not do it. But I’ve never forgotten it! Now may be the time!

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