Coping With Moving From Your Own Home To A Retirement Community

January 5, 2013

RetirementHomeWhen you are thinking of moving to a retirement community, coping with the transition can be overwhelming, especially if you have lived on your own for the majority of your adult life. Coping with the move from your own home to a retirement home is not always simple, especially if you have reservations about leaving your home or living in a traditional community for retirees. There are a few tips that can help you to better prepare for the move and transition, allowing you to readjust and begin living your life normally again.

Accept Your Decision

Before you begin planning for the move from your home to a retirement home, it is important to accept your decision and to acknowledge what will happen once you leave your home. Preparing mentally and emotionally for the transition to a retirement community can help you feel ready to take on the challenge once the big day arrives.

Get Involved With the Process

Get involved with the planning process, even if you have family members who are assisting you along the way. Ask questions about the move, where you will be living and different options you have based on your current health condition and where you are located. The more involved you are with the process of transitioning from your home to a new retirement community, the less stressed you are likely to feel.

Build a Support Group

Having a support group of family members, friends and other loved ones by you during your transition is highly recommended to keep your spirits up while also staying focused on the positive of the situation. Although it may be tough to leave your place of residence that you have lived in for years, it can also be extremely beneficial to live in a retirement community for social purposes and for medical care that is on-call at all times.

Consider What You Want and Need Out of a Retirement Community

Consider your own health needs when searching for a retirement community you want to live in. It is also important to compare the type of entertainment, outdoor activities and social gatherings that are offered from each retirement community you are interested in. Knowing all of the options you have available and what they have to offer is a way to eliminate retirement communities and homes that are not right for you and the way you wish to live.

Research Retirement Communities and Living Facilities

Before making a final decision on the retirement community you want to join, researching each living facility and community individually is extremely advisable. You can research retirement homes and communities by visiting them in person to get a feel for their atmospheres in addition to researching your options online. Comparing communities and living facilities prior to selecting one is a way to ensure you are happiest with your final decision.

Understanding how to cope with moving from your own home to a retirement community is a way to feel more comfortable with the actual move itself once the day arrives. The more informed and educated you are about the various retirement communities and homes available today, the easier it will ultimately be to find a location that is right for you and the lifestyle you wish to lead.


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