50+ Scholarship Finalist: Terrie Page

Terrie is one of the finalists in the 50+ Scholarship Contest. To vote for your favorite entry please visit our Facebook page or vote through this poll.

Currently I am working as a mentor in a local community college. My passion is to be an Academic Advisor, preferably in a university setting. I have a Bachelor’s degree but for the position that I seek I need a Master’s degree. I intend to pursue my goal one course at a time if I have to, but I will get it done! I believe in lifelong learning, and no matter what my circumstances I will always seek to move forward intellectually. I sincerely desire to serve college students to become lifelong learners as well!

In order to continue serving my students, I would like to take course called Techniques in Counseling and Interviewing, which will help sharpen these skills and allow me to be more effective in a variety of situations. Having a mentor available, especially to first year students, that can help them assimilate into the college environment and deal with the struggles they may face, is crucial to student retention. I look forward to continuing to work with young people and encourage them as they pursue their dreams and aspirations for the future.

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