Fitness Book Workouts

50+ Fitness GuideThank you for purchasing the printed Impowerage 50+ Fitness Guide.

We have prepared 4 workouts you can do using the exercises in the book. You can download the PDF file of the list of exercises in each work-out. Please be sure to read the entire book before using these workouts to ensure that  you perform the exercises properly and safely.

To help you make the most out of your 50+ Fitness Guide: It’s Never Too Late to be Fit we’ve prepared work-out logs to accompany the suggested workout plans. Use these workout logs to track your workouts and continue pushing yourself to perform more reps and sets at higher levels.

Fitness Log Download

Be sure to click on the tabs on the bottom of the excel sheet to see all the workouts.

The page numbers in the the workout plans and workout logs refer to the original printed version of the book. If you would prefer to see the page numbers for the electronic version of the book you can access them at the following link.

Work out logs for the electronic version of the book.


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