Exercise Routines

Core Exercises for Baby-Boomers :Stage 2

August 24, 2012 Exercise Routines

By LeeAnn Langdon Once you’ve spent a couple weeks building up the endurance of your deepest core muscles with Stage 1 of our core exercises for Baby Boomers, you’re ready to move on to more advanced techniques and bigger movements. Core Exercises Stage 2 1. Bird Dog Start from the same all-fours position as in […]

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Core Exercises for Baby-Boomers: Stage 1

May 11, 2012 Exercise Routines

Stage 1 core exercises to help you develop the core strength and endurance you need to maintain great posture, a healthy spine, and stable movement patterns as you age.

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Exercises to Keep Your Hands Strong and Flexible

June 26, 2011 Exercise Routines

By Susan Manning A Round of Applause for our Hands! Hands are not something that we really think about until we have a problem with them. We use them every day to pick up, open up, grab, push, type, write and so much more. Research has shown that aging has a degenerative effect on hand […]

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Lower Body Workout Routine

April 7, 2011 Exercise Routines

By Personal Trainer, Susan Manning A strong lower body = better everyday movement. Whether you’re walking, running, kicking, jumping or just basically getting from point A to point B, our legs are important to us at any age and definitely as we enter our older years. Weak and tight leg muscles can affect how we […]

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Rotator Cuff Exercises

February 18, 2011 Exercise Routines

By Susan Manning Small Muscles Doing Big Things Everything we do with our upper body, lifting, pushing, pulling requires us to use a group of four small muscles that surround our shoulder joint often referred to as your Rotator Cuff muscles. Specifically they are the Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres minor and Subscapularis or also known as […]

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New Fitness Start or Refresher

January 21, 2011 Exercise Routines

By Susan Manning A New Year always brings on New Year resolutions and new beginnings and for some of you that might just be the beginning of an exercise program. In general, men over 40 and women over 50 new to exercise should check with their doctor before becoming more physically active…safety always comes first. […]

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Arthritis and Exercise

May 20, 2010 Ask an Expert

Q – I have arthritis, can I still exercise? A – I am glad to hear that you still want to exercise. Too many people try and find excuses not to exercise and arthritis pain would seem to be a good one. But in fact research shows us that a well designed exercise program can […]

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How to Prevent Falls with Exercise

March 17, 2010 Ask an Expert

The Fear of Falling & Fall Prevention Reader’s Question – I have fallen a couple of times in the past and am afraid of future falls, is there anything that I can do to prevent falls? Susan’s Answer – Falls can be devastating and change your life. It can lead to disability and a loss […]

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Improve your Posture Through Exercise

February 21, 2009 Exercise Routines

You are never too old to improve your posture By Susan Manning “Don’t slouch!”, “stand tall!”, “bring your shoulders back and suck in your stomach!”….we have all heard it as kids and I’m sure said it as adults but believe it or not there are health benefits to it and you are never too old […]

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