Flight Travel Tips for the Mature Traveler

November 14, 2013 Travel

An international survey recently found that the over 50s are more likely to travel than any other age group. Increase in leisure time together with decrease in work and family commitments means that the over 50s have time to travel more frequently and to further away destinations. For those using air travel to reach their […]

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The Benefits of Music for Baby Boomers

November 12, 2013 Entertainment

By Cort Smith Have you ever heard a certain song and been instantly transported to another place and time? Maybe it was your wedding song, and your heart starts to pound remembering the powerful emotions of the day. Maybe it was a song on the radio as you had your first kiss and the gooseflesh […]

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How to Take a Digital Vacation

October 1, 2013 Travel

Here’s a thing you might already know about me. I like to travel. That includes a lot of family trips, business trips and everyone’s favorite: summer vacation. Now, there is a problem today with vacations as opposed to the vacations my family took when I was growing up. Today you are connected, always tethered to […]

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10 Creative Valentines Crafts

February 4, 2013 Entertainment

Valentine’s Day has long been a day of controversy. Some people consider it an opportunity to celebrate love and loved ones; some consider it a poor excuse for spending money; and others find it a sad reminder of the absence of romance in their lives. Whatever your perspective, Valentine’s Day can be an occasion to […]

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Romantic Travel Destinations in the United States for Baby Boomers

February 4, 2013 Travel

By Marie Schwemlein Free from young children and the pressures of having to put in the late hours to impress a new boss, now is the perfect time for you and your sweetie to add a little zing to the relationship and take a romantic trip. Whether the two of you prefer to watch sweeping theatrical […]

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Hacked! Time to Get Serious About Passwords

October 30, 2012 Technology Tips

By Marilynne Rudick A few months ago, I got an email from the company that hosts WebOver50 telling me that it had shut down the blog site after Google notified them it contained malicious content. The long and short of it was that the software I use to publish WebOver50 had been hacked. I’d been […]

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10 Tips to Enjoy Italy as a Zoomer

October 16, 2012 Travel

By April Lewis How To Live La Dolce Vita Toilets, trains and traffic. Italy’s La Dolce Vita can only become the sweet life once you have mastered these three obstacles. Did I mention I love Italy… my heritage is English/Irish but my soul is Italian.  I am convinced I was a courtesan in 16thCentury Venice […]

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Top Ten Celebrity Grandparents

September 6, 2012 Entertainment

It’s hard to believe that some of the beautiful and talented actors we see in movies and on T.V are actually grandparents!  In spite of all their fame and fortune, to their grandchildren they are simply Grandma or Grandpa, or Glam-ma in Goldie Hawn’s case. In honor of Grandparent’s Day, here are our top ten […]

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Top 10 Summertime Crafts To Do With Your Grandkids

August 23, 2012 Entertainment

This summer when you’re looking to do something fun and creative with your grandkids, try out a summertime craft. Most kids love crafts, and working on something with your grandchildren can be a real bonding experience, and it will help them to create fun, positive memories with you. Here are some of the top summertime […]

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Be “Wowed” by New Zealand’s North Island

July 6, 2012 Travel

There is much to be discovered in New Zealand’s North Island of Rotorua. With fascinating Geysers, illuminating caves, and the rich culture of the Maori people, this is one destination that will not disappoint. The author takes you along through the spectacular sights and wonders she experienced along her journey.

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