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Dick and Rick Hoyt: The Inspiring Duo Finish Their Last Boston Marathon

April 28, 2014 To Be Fit

On April 21, 2014 Dick and Rick Hoyt ran their 32nd consecutive Boston Marathon together and announced that it will be their last as a duo. At age 73, Dick has been suffering from serious back injuries, and has been struggling with his calves and hamstrings.   In 2013, they ran the Boston Marathon, anticipating […]

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82-Year-Old Runs Record 3:41 Marathon

November 3, 2013 To Be Fit

He has been called the Ancient Marathon Runner, and has inspired people of all ages. Canadian marathon runner Ed Whitlock, is 82-years-old and can run faster than many 20-year-olds. He has set numerous world records in both outdoor and indoor track, road running, and marathon running.  In fact, he holds most of the world’s records […]

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82 Year Old Ballerina

April 26, 2013 To Be Fit

Many ballet dancers retire by their 30s, however, Grete Brunvoll is quite the exception. Born in 1930, Grete has been recognized by the Guiness World Records as the worlds oldest performing female ballerina. 82-year-old Greta trains every day, and performs in regular public performances. She began dancing at the age of six, and her first professional ballet performance […]

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Sister Madonna Buder Sets Ironman Triathlon World Record (Again)

August 28, 2012 To Be Fit

Update: We recently interviewed Sister Madonna about her recent race and her plans for the future. Access the exclusive interview. On August 26th, 2012 Sister  Madonna Buder, the Iron Nun, made history again as she finished an Ironman Triathlon at the age of 82! Sister Madonna Buder became the current world record holder of the […]

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50+ Olympic Medalists Infographic- Updated

August 16, 2012 To Be Fit

We’ve updated the 50+ Olympic Medalist Infographic to include the 50+ medalists from the 2012 Summer Olympics. To see who was added to the chart you can read the full article on 2012 50+ Olympic athletes. You can also learn more about 50+ competitors in Olympic history and Canadian Olympic age record holders. Feel free […]

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50+ Olympic Medalists Infographic

August 2, 2012 To Be Fit

An infographic representing 121 Olympic athletes over 50 who have won Olympic medals in Olympic history. See what sports the 50+ athletes competed in and which countries they represented. 115 men and 6 women have won 183 medals in the 1896-2010 Olympics.

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50+ Equestrian Athletes at the 2012 Olympics

July 31, 2012 To Be Fit

The Equestrian events in the 2012 Olympics will be held between July 28 and August 9 at Greenwich Park Venue in London; the oldest Royal Park. The three different categories of Equestrian Olympic Games are Dressage, Show Jumping and Three Day Eventing. Hiroshi Hokestue, Ian Millar, and Peter Barry are just some of the notable Equestrian […]

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Lesley Thompson-Willie: “The Coach on the Boat”

July 30, 2012 To Be Fit

Update: Congratulations to 52-year-old Lesley Thompson-Willie who won a silver medal with the Canadian Women’s eight rowing team! This means she is now the oldest Canadian female to win a medal, the oldest female rower to win a medal and first Canadian athlete to win medals in five different Olympic Games! If Lesley Thompson- Willie leads […]

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50+ Canadian Olympic Medalists

July 25, 2012 To Be Fit

5 of the 12 athletes over 50 who have won medals in the last 25 years of Olympic history have been Canadians. See what 50+ Canadian athletes are up for medal contention in the 2012 Olympics and learn which Canadians hold the age records in Olympic history.

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50+ Olympic Athletes Set Records and Defy Aging

July 23, 2012 To Be Fit

Olympics may be a youth-dominated event, but there are some exceptional athletes over 50 who have defied all odds and have shown the world that they can compete against younger athletes.

Some 50+ athletes are even among the small fraction of the elite Olympic athletes who have been able to reach the podium. Since 1896 there have been 121 athletes over 50 who have won 183 medals in Olympic history*.

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