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5 Easy Ways to Unleash Your Creative Side

April 15, 2014 To Start Something

By Dr. Carolyn Anderson There IS a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age. — Sophia Loren As we get older it can be harder to […]

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Travel Opens Up World of Adventure for Solo RVer

January 31, 2013 To Start Something

By Connie Jeske Crane You’d figure that for 68-year-old Joei Carlton Hossack, the definitive answer to the never-too-late question would be travel. Joei (pronounced “Joey”) has been RVing for 20 years. As a travel writer, she’s penned several books including,  A Million Miles from Home—All Roads Lead to Istanbul, and Kiss This Florida, I’m Outta Here—Diary […]

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You’re Never Too Old to Learn

January 22, 2013 To Start Something

By April Lewis Prunes…I remember the prunes…he talked about prunes. He is Terry Small, The Brainguy, a local learning specialist.  I recently attended his colourful and informative Brain Boosting seminar.  He says learning is one way to boost our brain power and “learning is connecting new information to what you already know”. That’s encouraging!  Learning […]

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Online Schooling for 50+ Learners

July 12, 2012 To Start Something

By Estelle Shumann Now that the economic downturn is starting to rise, many professionals over the age of 50 are looking at different ways to compete in the job market. Boomers between the ages of 50 and 64 are returning back to school at record numbers and are finding online schooling as the best solution. As we all know, […]

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Norma Armon: Lifelong Learner

February 24, 2012 To Start Something

By Denise Lodge Norma Armon is living an amazing life. She currently holds two PhDs; co-owns a successful translation agency with her daughter; has been a professor, newspaper editor, and television producer; and has published multiple books and teleplays. However, Armon does not consider learning a limited endeavour; on the contrary, she sees in life […]

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The Vegan Way to Better Health

November 16, 2011 To Start Something

By Denise Lodge Three years ago, Ontarians Irene and Doug Vaughan received a somewhat alarming call from Doug’s doctor. Doug, who has had type-2 diabetes for forty years, was informed that his blood-draw numbers were worsening. Irene and Doug’s daughter told them about Dr. Neal Barnard’s book Reversing Diabetes, which advocates a vegan diet. In […]

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Inspirational Lifelong Learning Quotes

October 15, 2011 To Start Something

Inspired by our 50+ Scholarship, we’ve put together a list of inspirational lifelong learning quotes. If you’d like to use these pictures you can copy and paste the html text under the pictures. Click here more details on using and resizing these photos. You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if […]

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Group Working on a Comprehensive History of Canadian Town

July 1, 2011 To Start Something

A group has worked for 8 years to publish the comprehensive history of their local town in Ontario. Amid the mounds of research they find surprising facts about their ancestors.

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It’s Never Too Late to Travel the World

May 11, 2011 To Start Something

Rick & Irene Butler are living their dream retirement as they spend much of their time travelling. They write and photograph their travels for magazines and have published their own book detailing their 1 year trip around the world.

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It’s Never Too Late to Learn to Love Public Speaking

May 11, 2011 To Start Something

Madeleine joined Toastmasters and learned to love public speaking. She loves the entire process of writing, researching and interacting with an audience and challenges herself to enter a Humorous Speech Contest.

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