How to Senior Proof Your Home

February 18, 2013 Housing

By Eric Woolf Through my work with a senior home care agency, I have become more aware of the struggles our elders have. All too often, I hear of our elders fallen down, breaking a bone, or sometimes a much more severe accident will happen. So I think it’s important to focus attention on safety in […]

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Coping With Moving From Your Own Home To A Retirement Community

January 5, 2013 Housing

When you are thinking of moving to a retirement community, coping with the transition can be overwhelming, especially if you have lived on your own for the majority of your adult life. Coping with the move from your own home to a retirement home is not always simple, especially if you have reservations about leaving […]

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Canadians Buying Real Estate in the US

October 26, 2011 Housing

By Margaret Hennessey Park Georgia Realtor Arizona, Here We Come! So, finally you decide to downsize. You’ve made the right decisions and have paid off most, if not all of your mortgage. Moreover, you got the right Realtor ® to represent you, who made sure that you got the highest price for your property. Now, […]

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Moving To a Retirement Community? How To Cope With Change

October 10, 2011 Housing

By Kathy Barthel Moving from your home to a retirement residence can be very stressful. We are creatures of habit so this major change can be frightening and hard to accept. There is comfort in what we’ve always known and the place we’ve lived in for years –even if keeping it clean and tidy is […]

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Supplementing Your Retirement Income with Renters

September 27, 2011 Housing

By Margaret Hennessey Park Georgia Realtor Creative Way to Help Pay Your Mortgage It’s a myth to say that everyone retires with enough money on which to live comfortably. Another myth is that we are all mortgage free in our senior years. I have a lot of older clients who definitely have a challenging time […]

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Should You Retire in a Cottage on the Lake?

August 29, 2011 Housing

Real Estate agent discusses the dream of owning a lake-side retirement house and the realities of living their year-round. People should plan their housing for year round living.

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Downsizing to An Upscale Townhouse

July 20, 2011 Housing

Real Estate agent, Margaret Hennessey, explains the benefits of downsizing from a detached house to a luxury town house. Benefits include less maintenance and being able to lock up and leave.

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Your Garage or Dumping Ground?

June 23, 2011 Housing

by Ranka Burzan The garage is often the most disorganized space in the house. It’s where we dump everything we don’t want or need. We justify this by calling the garage our temporary storage and years later things we don’t use are still there. It doesn’t make much sense to park our expensive cars in […]

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Finding a Roommate

May 24, 2011 Housing

By Nancy Bennett You may be finding yourself living alone and becoming bored and also finding that your housing costs eat up too much of your budget. Rather than selling your beloved home or being forced to downgrade your home you may be able to solve both your companionship and financial problems by finding a […]

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The Green Way to Organize Your Home

April 16, 2011 Housing

By Ranka Burzan You might think that organizing a house is not a big deal really, that is just common sense. If you have a lot of stuff you simply reduce the amount, use what you have and stop shopping. But many of us are aware that organizing is a big business especially in the […]

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