Do Mobility Scooters Need Tax and Insurance

Do Mobility Scooters Need Tax and Insurance?

Mobility can be a challenge for seniors and for those who have health conditions, especially as it can feel as if you’ve lost your freedom. The good news is that it’s fairly easy to get a mobility scooter that will give you the independence to go anywhere. 

The question you may find yourself asking is: do mobility scooters need tax and insurance? 

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Is Mobility Scooter Insurance Required? 

When you purchase your mobility scooter, you won’t have to worry about taking out insurance on it. Mobility scooters are not designed to be used on highways or public roads, as their average speed is between 4 and 12 miles per hour. This means you won’t have to take out mobility scooter insurance like you’d have to on a motor vehicle. 

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However, just because the law doesn’t require mobility scooter insurance, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have it. There are a number of benefits to insuring your mobility scooter. 

It’s also important to note that most medical devices are exempt from tax and mobility scooters fall within the category where tax isn’t payable either. Even if you’re shipping from one state to another, it will still be tax-exempt. 

Why Is Mobility Scooter Insurance A Good Idea? 

Mobility scooters have become more common these days, and having an insurance policy would help cover the expenses if a mishap were to occur. You could be at a shopping mall and accidentally bump into someone. If they decided to sue for damages, at least you would have some protection with an insurance policy. 

You may want to find out if the insurance policy would cover theft, vandalism, and accidental damage caused by weather, fire, or a flood. Having an insurance policy will also give you some peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered and can remain mobile. 

What Types of Insurance Should I Look At? 

You won’t be taking out the same kind of insurance as auto insurance, but you’ll want to have a look at Property Insurance and Liability Insurance. It’s wise to take out a policy on both as there are differences between the two.

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While you’re looking at the insurance, you want to make sure that you’d also be covered should the mobility scooter malfunction or breakdown, especially if you’re not at home. You may want to confirm that the policy will also include breakdown assistance that will help you get home and possibly assist with the repairs. 

Liability Insurance 

Accidents can happen at any time and in the unlikeliest of places. For example, there could be a mishap in a parking lot and you happen to ride over someone’s toes. If they’re injured and decide to sue you, then the liability insurance would cover the legal costs and payouts that you’re found liable for. 

Liability insurance would also cover the cost of damage to another person’s property, for example, if you were to accidentally bump into someone’s car in the parking lot which caused a dent. 

Property Insurance 

Property insurance will protect your home as well as your personal property from loss or damage. If there’s an accident and someone gets injured on your property, then you will be pleased to know that you’re insured for this as well. 

Check with your home insurance to understand what they cover, and if you’d be able to add your mobility scooter to it so it would be covered against theft and damage. 

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If you have had any customization done to the mobility scooter, mention this because it would increase the value of your mobility scooter. Should your scooter need to be replaced, then you’ll also have peace of mind that insurance should also cover the customizations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose an insurance policy? 

The type of insurance that you choose would depend on your specific coverage needs, as well as the company that you have insurance policies with. The best thing to do would be to call your insurance company and see if they’d be willing to cover the mobility scooter insurance under your property insurance policy. 

Then review the insurance policy, making sure that you understand what the policy covers, how to process a claim, and how the claim payouts are done in the event that you make one. 

How do I make sure I’m covered under my homeowner’s insurance? 

You’d call your insurance company and provide them with the relevant information, including who the regular driver of the mobility scooter would be. Make sure you provide your insurance with make, model, and specifications of the mobility scooter, as well as if there were any personalizations done to the scooter as this affects its value. 

Your insurance company would then be able to advise on the way forward, as well as if there are any amendments that should or will be made to your current policy. 

How do I stay safe on my mobility scooter? 

There are a few things that you can do to stay safe and to avoid having to file a claim with your insurance. These include:

  • If you’ve recently bought your mobility scooter, practice how to use it before going out in public. 
  • Make sure that you can be seen. You can add reflective lights or strips to your mobility scooter that will draw more attention to you, especially when you’re riding in low light. 
  • If you’re going to a venue that you haven’t been to before, call ahead to make sure that the venue will be easily accessible and scooter-friendly.
  • Don’t drink while operating your mobility scooter. Some states are introducing new rules that will make it illegal to ride your mobility scooter if you’ve been drinking. 
  • Make sure that you service your mobility scooter regularly. This will ensure that your lights are functioning, that the battery holds a good charge, that the electrical system is functioning at its best and that the tires are in good condition. This will help prevent you from breaking down when you’re out and about. 
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