Establishing a Great Morning Routine

March 6, 2012

By Dr. Carolyn Anderson

Best Way To Start Morning Routine“By starting the day with love, I fill my day with calm and feel peace permeate my life”

How does your typical day start? How many times do you hit the snooze button before you drag yourself to bed? Most people then throw on some clothes, grab something to eat and rush out to the door. By the time they arrive at work they are already stressed, possibly behind and not fully awake and engaged.

It seems like each day is like a life unto itself. Just as a child’s well-being is tied to proper guidance and direction during the formative years, our day’s productivity is tied to how we handle ourselves in the formative minutes of each day.

We must take time for ourselves at the start of our day. This time will enable us to center ourselves and channel our focus. By taking time to review our priorities and set a daily plan we will find our time is so much more productive. Increased productivity leaves far more time for you to spend connecting with and loving your family. My morning routine consists of the following activities that give me a peaceful start to the day.

Starting Your Day the Right Way

1) Upon awakening I lie in bed for a few minutes running through a mental list of all that I am grateful for. I do some simple stretches and take 5 deep breaths in and out

2) I hop on the stationary bike and do a quick 20 min. ride with intervals followed by a core stretching routine called movement prep

3) I meditate for 5 min.

4) I write out my top overall 10 goals. I don’t just read them I actually write them out. I found this has increased the likelihood that I will achieve them.

5) I write down the top 5 things I want to accomplish on this day. The highest priority items. Whether this is crafting an email, doing some research, calling a contact or doing something with my family. By establishing the top 5 for each day, you feel a sense of accomplishment for your day if you can just do those things. It also prevents the chance of your day being highjacked by someone else’s priorities.

I then get ready, eat a healthy breakfast and head into the day. This routine means I wake 90 minutes before I have to head out the door. It adds 45 minutes to the AM routine, but I feel so grounded and settled when I leave that it is so worth it.

Rather than rushing out the door, stressed and wondering what the day will hold, I have a plan and peace of mind. When I get to my office, I am physically and mentally ready to start the day. I know we all love our sleep but waking up earlier to have a proper start to the day will help you be more productive and peaceful throughout the day.

Don’t postpone your soul’s needs in favor of a crazy schedule.

This practice is truly empowering. How do you like to start your day? I would love to hear.

About the Author: Dr. Carolyn Anderson is an eye surgeon who founded Impowerage to raise money for macular degeneration research. She practices cataract surgery in Langley, BC and is a professional speaker who speaks on managing your energy. She recently co-wrote a book, “Pushing to the Front: Front Line Strategies from the World’s Leading Experts, with Brian Tracy.

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  • ann ledesma

    great routine. i set my alarm 15 min. earlier so that i can lie there and pull it together. i get up, shower, dress and i enjoy that because i do love activewear clothing! then i feed two colonies of cats, my own indoor babies and the outdoor feral gang that i have trapped, neutered and released. after the cats are fed and litter scooped and changed (their needs get met first) i have my COFFEE (the capitalization indicates how important this divine beverage is to me) and granola or oatmeal with fresh berries and nuts. then I tend to the bills if they need it, i pay a few and give thanks that i can. did you ever hear of giving thanks for the bills? if you can pay them, you should express gratitude. then i take another hit of the divine brew, then i’m out the door for work, play, etc. you’re right – a good start is essential for taking on the rest of the day.

  • cynthia

    I set my alarm only when I have a morning appointment. I am retired. I dont need a sudden awakening any more. I roll out of bed, stagger to the kitchen to make my morning cuppa, drop into my recliner to drink my waker-upper tea, wake up, read for an hour. Then it is shower time, exercise time in my mini-gym in my apartment bedroom, get dressed, have my healthy breakfast. And I am off for my daily walk, meeting friends, and all the other joys of being an 85 old retiree. No stress (the single life, no boss). Life is great. All you under-retirement folk have so much to look forward to.

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