50+ Scholarship Finalist: Janet Burns

Janet is one of the finalists in the 50+ Scholarship Contest. To vote for your favorite entry please visit our Facebook page or vote through this poll.

Creativity and art have been part of my life since childhood. I was an art major in college and pursued a personal interest in ceramics, drawing, painting, and just about anything else that sparked my interest. The business of raising 3 children as well as working often kept me too busy to devote much time to my artistic pursuits, but retirement has given me time to recharge my imaginative batteries.

Pottery is my number one love and passion. I teach a few classes on hand building at a local art studio. I love to learn new techniques that I can in turn share with my students. Diana Fayt is a superb potter who shares her technique of Mishima in a class available online. I’ve been eager to learn this style, and winning this prize would provide me with this opportunity.

I am also eager to take other class in mixed media such as Dream Journals by Melanie Testa and Sketchbook Delights, Parts 1 and 2 by Alisa Burke. Additional online classes by Cathy Johnson, Watercolor Pencil, and Quick Sketching in Color, are 2 more that I feel will push me out of my comfort zone.

For me retirement is becoming a chapter in my life that I have longed for…time to concentrate on my artist concepts and finding new ways to interpret them.

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