Five Unique and Inexpensive Date Ideas

February 9, 2011

By Annalise Klingbeil

Forget dinner and a movie. Move over sitting at home and watching TV. It’s February and love is in the air. An enjoyable date doesn’t have to be expensive; a little creativity can go a long way. Whether you have been with your partner for 30 years or three weeks, try taking them on one of the following dates. Not limited to the romantic set, friends or grandchildren will also love accompanying you on one of these creative dates.

Pack a Picnic:

picnic date idea Picnic’s are simple and magical and you don’t have to be a child to enjoy one. If the weather’s too frightful, try hosting an indoor picnic. Get out your favourite quilt (the one that’s just too nice for an outdoor picnic), pour some drinks and nibble on sandwiches, veggies, potato salad and watermelon while ignoring the blustery weather outside. An indoor picnic means no worrying about sunburn, wind, rain or even ants. If you live in a warmer climate, pack your picnic basket, hop on your bicycle and take in the signs of spring while enjoying a meal at a local park.

Laugh out Loud:

Studies show laughing can reduce stress, exercise your diaphragm and even increase your immune system. Visit a local comedy club with your partner, or rent a DVD of a stand-up comedian performing and get laughing. Many cities are home to amateur comedy clubs where ticket prices are affordable, while the internet is full of entertaining videos of comics performing.

Create a Masterpiece:

Put on your creative pants and take your partner to a local paint-your-own-pottery studio. Pick out a piece to paint, whether it is a plate, bowl, cup, vase or figurine and get creative.  Most studios offer stencils and trained staff to help the artistically challenged. Once you’re finished, the studio will glaze and fire your piece and you can typically pick it up a week after painting.

Search for Buried Treasure:

Geocaching is a sport that marries walking with a scavenger hunt.  With access to the internet and a handheld global positioning system (GPS), geocachers can hide and find weather-proof caches that typically contain logbooks and child-friendly tradable trinkets. Geocaches range in difficulty- some may be hidden on mountaintops and involve treacherous hikes, while others involve simple jaunts in a local park. You should easily be able to find a cache suited to your fitness level by visiting Geocaching can make a regular walk into an adventurous date complete with buried treasure.

Try Something New

Websites like Groupon, Living Social and Team Buy are popping up all over the place. The group buying concept is simple, each website posts a different local deal, every day. From restaurants to yoga studios, dry cleaning to oil changes, hotels and massages, the deals range, but you’re sure to find one you like. Check out, a website which posts all the daily deals in your city, in one easy to navigate webpage and then get buying.

These coupons are a great way to try food, fitness and fun you wouldn’t normally try at amazing deals.  Buy a couple of coupons and plan a date around your purchases. Get 50 per cent off of a Mexican dinner then head to a local play for 60 per cent off. Or, enjoy a massage for 60 per cent off followed by coffee and biscuits for 40 per cent off. Be creative, save money and enjoy a wonderful date.

What are some of your favourite date ideas?

About the Author: Annalise Klingbeil is a journalist from Calgary, Alberta. Visit to find out more about Klingbeil’s work.

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