Senior’s Twitter Guide: Part 3 | Finding and Getting Followers

May 7, 2010

twitter logoThe first Twitter guide explained why an online seniors magazine is on Twitter and why seniors should be on twitter and the second part explained how to use Twitter. This part of the guide will help you find interesting people to follow and explain how to get followers yourself. Twitter is very boring if you aren’t following anyone. But it can be difficult to find interesting people that have something in common with you. Here are some different ways to find interesting people on Twitter.

Interesting People to Follow On Twitter

There are a lot of celebrities using Twitter. You can get information from them first-hand and learn what they are up to on a daily basis. You can search for them by name to find celebrities you are interested in. Many of them have verified accounts which confirms that it is actually the celebrity tweeting, not an impersonator. If you can’t find a celebrity on twitter by searching their name or want to make sure it is really them tweeting, check their website to see if they link to a twitter account.

Most celebrities have thousands or even millions of followers and often won’t follow back. You have a better chance of getting their attention if you send them a @reply but they get a lot of responses everyday.

Again, with politicians you can search for them by name or check their websites to see if they are using Twitter.

People who live nearby
Following people who live in the same area as you is a great way to keep up-to-date on local news and events. You can conduct a search for people mentioning your city name or find them on websites like Twellow which lets you see users who live in the same area as you.

People with Similar Interests
The internet has made it easier than ever to find people with the same interests as you. You can use the twitter search function to search any word or phrase you want. Search for things that interest you like running and you will find people who have tweeted about running, people who hate running, and links to articles on running properly. You can then look at their profile and decide if you want to see their tweets in your newsfeed.

You can even use the Twitter Advanced Search to find people discussing a certain topic within certain dates or only within a certain area.

Hashtags are a way to group information on Twitter. If you see someone who has used the hashtag #seniors on twitter you can click on the hashtag and see all other tweets that have been tagged with the same hashtag. Any word or phrase can be used as a hashtag but to find more popular ones that more people are using you can observe what hashtags other are using. If you don’t understand what a hashtag means you can look it up on What the Hashtag which is a dictionary of what hashtags mean.

For example the hashtag #yeg is not self-explanatory. But a look at the hashtag dictionary reveals that is used for tweets relating to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (YEG is the airport code for Edmonton International).

Another way to find people with similar interests is the Wefollow website. Here you can tag yourself with the top few words to describe yourself like senior, blogger, grandma, author, activist, or Canadian etc. Impowerage uses the tags magazine, health, fitness, aging and seniors.

People are then ranked in terms of popularity per each word. You can use words that describe yourself to see who the most popular people are that are interested in the same things. The most popular people have the most followers which means a lot of people think they are worth following.

Twitter allows you to place people on lists. These lists can be called anything and can keep track of people who live in the same area, have the same interests or anything. Listorious gathers all these lists and lets you find others with similar interests.

Slowly you’ll find interesting people to follow. Once you find someone to follow you can look at their lists or at the people they follow to find more like-minded individuals. You can also look at who they are talking to on twitter to find other interesting people. Another way to find interesting people to follow on twitter is through your people’s recommendations on Follow Friday.

Now that you’ve found people to follow you want to have some followers yourself. It can feel like you’re talking to yourself if you don’t have any followers. But remember that just because you don’t have many followers doesn’t mean people aren’t listening. They are doing searches as well and may see your tweets during searches.

Be aware that anything you tweet can be found online. Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t mind appearing on the front page of a newsletter. There have been several high profile instances of people getting in trouble for things they’ve posted. People have been fired, lost job opportunities, gotten sued for tweets. Even deleting a tweet later doesn’t guarantee it won’t come back to haunt you later.

Getting Followers

You may see automated programs offering to get you thousands of followers quickly. Don’t waste your money on these programs. There is no point in having thousands of followers who aren’t interested in what you have to say and have little in common with you. By following people using the above methods they will usually take a few seconds to check out your profile and see if they want to follow you back.

Complete Profile
Like we discussed in the 2nd part of the guide you need to fill out a profile that accurately describes you so people know who you are. People only take a few seconds to look at your page to see if you are interesting enough to follow back

Example of A Twitter Profile for Impowerage, an online seniors magazine

Tweet quality tweets
We covered some of the things you can tweet about in the 2nd part of the guide. Most importantly you want to offer some kind of value to people who choose to follow you. Are you a source of local news or happenings? Do you share the latest articles on your interests? Do you give advice or provide humour?

As you follow local people you will notice them talking about tweet ups which are meetings in person that are usually open to everyone. Attending these tweet-ups is a great way to get to know other people in your community. You’ll find you already have a sense who they are by the things they tweet about.

By retweeting someone’s tweet you are letting them know that you have similar interests and also that you think they said something important.

If you see someone asking for help or an opinion reply to them. You are helping them out and they may follow you back.

There is no quick and easy way to get a lot of followers but it shouldn’t be your goal. Find people who provide you with quality information and follow them. The longer you are on Twitter the more like-minded people you will find.

If you have any questions about using twitter please leave a comment or send us a tweet. And if you are on Twitter please follow us.

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