Jack Lalanne’s Legacy of Fitness

February 2, 2011

A young Jack Lalanne These days most of us associated Jack Lalanne with his infomercials that promoted his line of juicers. His death on January 23rd from respiratory failure brought on by pneumonia came as a surprise to the world. Although he was 96 he was still active and looked far younger.

Jack Lalanne has been called the godfather of modern fitness. He began working out with weights before it was popular and most doctors were even opposed to weight-lifting. He opened one of the first gyms in 1936 and encouraged women and older adults to participate in exercise. He later proved that older adults can maintain their strength by performing several impressive feats of strength in his 60s and 70s. At age 70 he swam a mile and half towing 70 boats carrying 70 people while handcuffed and shackled! In his 80s and 90s he still worked out for 2 hours a day using a combination of weights and swimming.

He hosted a television show for 34 years, wrote exercise books, invented exercise machines and was a motivational speaker. He wrote a book called Live Young Forever: 12 Steps to Optimum Health, Fitness and Longevity. If you would like to win a copy of his book leave a comment below this article by March 15. Congratulations to Noreen who will be receiving a copy of Jack’s book.

While Jack Lalanne liked to joke that he couldn’t die because it would ruin his image, his amazing legacy and contributions to fitness lives on.

When did you first hear about Jack Lalanne? Do you remember what the attitude was towards fitness when you were younger?

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  • Raz

    His life story alone makes me want to read this book and improve my health.

  • Lee Landis

    I first became aware ofJack Lalanne in 1963 when I shaed his exarcise programme on T.V. I wish I could say I consistently followed his advice – but his example was probably my strongest motivation to keep fit over the ensuing years. He leaves a geat legacy. Lee L.

  • corey

    Hope to win – would really like to read this one. Thanks.

  • http://www.mcginnis-sisters.com Noreen Campbell

    I remember Jack Lalanne when I was a kid. Boy, I wish I had started back then … where would I be now? But, I can see it’s never too late to start taking excellent care of myself. Thank you!

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