Living the Life After 60 Contest Winners

November 17, 2009

Thanks to all who submitted your stories to the Living the Life after 60 contest. We were inspired by Pamela Kent’s story and as a result she’s taking home top prize! Her winning entry and our runners up are below.


by Pamela Kent

Pamela KentI had always had a hankering to write, but a massive brain hemorrhage and accompanying paralysis when I was 28 left my finger ends numb; not the best condition for typing on those old manual typewriters. I made so many mistakes I could never send anything off to a magazine or newspaper. I also had a husband and three small children to care for in the days when housework was ‘women’s work’.

When I was close to 60 and my children had left home, my husband, Gord, bought a computer for business. It was nearly twenty-years ago, when computers were a very expensive item. Gord never learned to type and so the computer proved to be too much of a challenge for him. On the other hand, I had been trained as a shorthand-typist, but had given up because of the many mistakes I made.

Watching that very expensive computer sitting there, wasting its’ very valuable self was just too much for me. I started to type – and wonder of wonders, just a quick touch of the backspace key and the mistakes disappeared.

I took creative writing classes at night school and earned my creative writing diploma. I wrote a humour column for the Surrey Now newspaper for over a year; I had pieces published in magazines and newspapers and won awards for my writing at writing conferences. I even enrolled at SFU and took English classes; I have never stopped writing. I have made many new friends through writing, and it keeps my mind active.

Now, at seventy-eight, I write every day. I am so glad that Gord bought that first computer!

Pamela will receive a Chapters Gift card and a copy of Dr. Carolyn Anderson’s Not Too Late to be Fit. Runners up are Vi Monger and Minny Henslinga. Thank you all for your entries and keep an eye out for our next contest!

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