Seniors Boot Camp Recap

July 8, 2010

Impowerage held its 2nd Seniors Boot Camp on June 28th in Langley, British Columbia. The Impowerage Seniors Boot Camp is a unique event that covers a variety of topics. This year seniors were given a crash course on the keys to aging well.

Dr. Carolyn Anderson talked about following an anti-inflammatory diet to prevent age related diseases. She also went into detail about macular degeneration, a progressive disease that affects over 1/3 of people over 55.

In between the speeches a personal trainer, Susan Manning, led the group in a warm-up, exercises and a cool down. Following exercises from the senior’s guide to fitness she showed everyone how you can always do some form of exercise no matter your current physical level. She showed everyone how to stretch properly and reminded us that simply moving in whatever way we can is beneficial to our health.

Seniors Exercising

In a surprise twist, Heather Compton, our resident financial expert, didn’t talk about finances. Instead she talked about how to have a rich retirement regardless of one’s income. She taught us that an abundant life comes from our relationships, health and meaningful activities.

Congratulations to Marianne G for winning the raffle for an iPod Nano and to Catherine K for winning a Chapters Gift Card.

It was a great event with positive feedback from the participants. We are already discussing plans for the next boot camp. We’d love to hear suggestions on topics you’d like to see covered. Make sure you’ll be notified about the next boot camp by signing up for our monthly newsletter or following our facebook page.

Thank you again to our sponsors for making this event possible. Special thanks to Novartis for an unrestricted educational grant and to the Retirement Rocks team for speaking

Retirement Rocks

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