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March 8, 2010

Monthly Articles
By Kelly Neufeld

Along with our new web site design we have a new content schedule.

In keeping with our mission to inspire and celebrate seniors, we’ll be regularly posting new articles on everything from the latest medical research to charity spotlights to financial and fitness advice.

The founder of Impowerage, Dr. Carolyn Anderson, will be reviewing books she reads personally on areas such as self-development. She’ll also be writing a monthly article about the latest things on her mind. She’ll use her unique knowledge of health and aging to write articles on the latest medical research for the Living Well category and tips on Being Well.

I’ll be writing a bi-weekly feature about seniors and issues affecting seniors In the News. If you read about an inspiring senior featured in the news please e-mail me at Kelly@impowerage.com . I’ll also be interviewing seniors to uncover their secrets to success and longevity.

Although we know you know how to use the internet, I’ll be writing some upcoming technology posts to help you use other new technologies like digital cameras, blogs, twitter and facebook. Soon you’ll be able to show your kids or grandkids a thing or two.

We have Heather and Dennis to answer your questions on finances and personal trainer Susan to answer your fitness related questions. We will be continue to bring the most up-to-date content and unique articles you won’t find anywhere else.

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As always we look forward to hearing your comments and feedback. Please leave comments under the story or email me at Kelly@impowerage.com

Kelly NeufeldAbout the Author Kelly Neufeld is the Marketing Coordinator for Impowerage as well as a regular contributor. When not reading about inspiring seniors and the latest technological advances, you’ll find her writing, tweeting and connecting with people who share the Impowerage Mission. She enjoys working out and playing with her two toddlers.

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