Weekly 50+ News: 10 Seniors Fitter Than You & New Reason to Exercise

May 22, 2013

We are constantly finding examples of people over 50 doing extraordinary things. Some people are breaking Guiness World Records, others are quietly starting new companies, continuing to compete in sports or taking up new hobbies. We share these stories to inspire you to make the most out of your 2nd half of life.

We share these stories and other relevant news on our Facebook and Twitter accounts daily and have compiled the stories from the last week in the following article.

10 Seniors over 70 Fitter Than You

Madonna Buder

Sister Madonna Buder. Photo by Silvia Koros

So many people give up on fitness believing they are too old. These 10 seniors prove that age is just a number and will motivate you to hit the gym, pavement or club today. From triathletes, body builders to marathons, these athletes over 70 show us that anything is possible. Among the athletes featured are, Ed Whitlock, a marathon runner at 81, Ernestine Shepherd, bodybuilder champion at 76, and Gladys Burrill, who is the oldest women to finish a marathon at the age of 92.

One of the athletes featured is Sister Madonna Buder, the world record holder for the oldest female to finish an Ironman Triathlon. We’ve interviewed her several times and you can listen to an interview with her.

See the full list of incredible athletes here. 

 Exercise May Protect Against Brain Shrinkage:

A new study shows that remaining physically active as you age may in fact help protect parts of your brain from shrinking. Brain shrinking has been linked to declines in thinking and memory skills. The study followed 600 people starting at the age of 70 tracking their daily activities. The study found that those who engaged in physical activity weekly had less brain shrinkage and damage then those who didn’t.

What is Love Video:

A heart-warming video shows the love and care husband Bill Forward has for his wife Glad Forward, who sufferis from advanced Alzheimer’s. Married for almost 50 years, Bill lovingly cares for his wife by meeting her every need from the time she gets up, to when she goes to bed. Bill says,” I count it a great privilege to care for this one I have loved all these years.”  Bill even created a custom bike and princess helmet for her so he can take her along on bike rides.

Eunice Shriver video for Mother’s Day:

In this film Maria Shriver tells the story of how her mother, Eunice Shriver, founded Special Olympics. Her mom broke through social norms and opened up endless possibilities for those struggling with disabilities. . She talks about how her mother gave her the gift of possibility.


Celebrity Birthdays:

George Lucas. Photo by Nicolas Genin

Photo by Nicolas Genin

Happy Birthday to singer Stevie Wonder who turned 63 on May 13. One of his best albums was Songs in the Key of Life.

Happy Birthday to director George Lucas who turned 69 on May 14. He is the mastermind behind Star Wars.

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