Weekly 50+ News : Mount Everest, Parachuting at 87 and 5 Consecutive Races

June 2, 2013

We continually find examples of people over 50 doing extraordinary things. Some people are breaking Guiness World Records, others are quietly starting new companies, continuing to compete in sports or taking up new hobbies. We share these stories to inspire you to make the most out of your 2nd half of life.

We share these stories and other relevant news on our Facebook and Twitter accounts daily and have compiled the stories from the last week in the following article.

Photo by Will Clayton

Photo by Will Clayton

How do you plan on celebrating your 99th Birthday?

Doris Long celebrated her 99th Birthday by breaking her own world record when she climbed down an 11-story building. She only took up abseiling at the age of 85.  Speaking after the descent, she said, “It felt great, I certainly don’t feel 99. I feel more about 60”.

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At a recent marathon 85-year-old Ryozo from Yokohama finished in 8:12:33 and won his age category. If you have a facebook account, please share your inspiring pictures on our Facebook wall to encourage others to stay active no matter how old you are.

What’s crazier than running an ultramarathon?

How about running a 5k, 10k, a half marathon, a full marathon and a ultra marathon (55km) in 5 consecutive days!   Peter Schofield (52) and Mel Dick (49) did just that, and on the 5th day they ran the marathon race and managed to qualify for the Boston Marathon!

The purpose of this demanding undertaking, was to push their limits athletically while raising awareness for the Run for Water cause. When asked why the event was so special, Dick answered. “Every morning when I get up, I grab a glass of clean water from my sink to start my day hydrated, and I fill my espresso machine with clean water. And most days, I do remember that not everybody has that. This is a chance for us as a community to support another part of the world and give them water.”

Seniors turning to medical marijuana

Photo by Torben Bjorn Hansen

Photo by Torben Bjorn Hansen

According to a recent news article seniors are turning to medical marijuana to get a good nights sleep and to find relief from age-related illnesses, such as arthritis and dementia.

Cherie Scott, an 86-year old BC resident, turns to a marijuana cookie every night to get a good nights rest. Prior to using marijuana, Scott was totally against the drug, and saw it as “evil and addictive.”  Experiencing grief and sleep issues after the passing of her husband her son suggested she try marijuana.  According to her son, she is now having the best sleep she has had in years, and the quality of her life has improved.

World War II Veteran Parachutes again at the age of 87

Clarence Turner had his last jump in 1947 as a soldier in World War II ; however at the age of 87 he jumped again in support of his sick grandson. Turner wanted to generate awareness for the struggles of his 10-month old grandson Julian Couch, who suffers from lung disease that could require a transplant. He also made the jump fulfilling a goal to experience free falling and landing as he did in the Army.

Oldest man to climb Mount Everest

80 year old Yuichiro Miura once again  holds the record for oldest man to climb Mount Everest. He first reached the summit at age 70 and again at the age 75. After reaching the top Yuichiro Miura said, “I think three times is enough, At this point I could not think of anything but rest.” Miura completed the climb despite undergoing heart surgery in January for an irregular heartbeat, which is his fourth operation since 2007. He also broke his pelvis and left thigh bone in a 2009 skiing accident.

Prancercise as an Exercise Routine ?

We don’t want to say that theres a wrong way to exercise but Prancercise wouldn’t  be our first choice for an exercise routine! If your looking for an easy to follow strength training routine specifically for older adults, check out our ebook called “Its Never to Late to be Fit” 

"I get to tolerate menopausal symptoms or become demented while on hormone replacement therapy. So, spare me your complaining about hair loss." Photo/Comic courtesy of brain_blogger

“I get to tolerate menopausal symptoms or become demented while on hormone replacement therapy. So, spare me your complaining about hair loss.”
Photo/Comic courtesy of brain_blogger

 Hormone Therapy is back !

In the 90s, hormone therapy was prescribed freely to menopausal women suffering from the discomfort of hot flashes, and heavy, irregular periods. It was considered a blessing to not just ease the discomfort of menopause, but to help decrease the risk of heart disease, brittle bones, and the misery that accompanies it!

In 2002 a clinical trial showed that hormone therapy resulted in higher rates of heart disease, and various cancers. The results halted the use of hormone therapy and left women suffering from serious menopausal symptoms in misery.

However, things have started to change , and there is a growing consensus on the safety of hormone treatment if regulated. In taking a closer look at the study done in 2002, Doctors are realizing that  the risk is actually quite small for women on hormone therapy. With these new findings doctors should help patients make better decisions when deciding whether hormone therapy is right for them.

Celebrity Birthdays

Photo by Cyan Banister

Photo by Cyan Banister


Happy Birthday to Drew Carey who turned 55 on May 23rd! He is well known for his comedic show “Whose line is it Anyway” and “The Drew Carey Show.”

This picture is from 2008 before Carey lost over 80 lbs through diet and exercise. He’s says it’s like aging in reverse!


Happy Birthday to Joan Collins who turned 80 on May 23rd. She has been quoted as saying “I dont look my age, I dont feel my age, and I don’t act my age. To me age is just a number.”

Photo by Alberto Cabello

Photo by Alberto Cabello


Happy 72nd Birthday to singer and songwriter  Bob Dylan ,on May 24th.


944346_10151675000616064_548663371_nHappy 83rd Birthday to Clint Eastwood on May 31st!

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