Weekly 50+ News: Surprise World Record & Midlife Transformation

June 9, 2013

We continually find examples of people over 50 doing extraordinary things. Some people are breaking Guiness World Records, others are quietly starting new companies, continuing to compete in sports or taking up new hobbies. We share these stories to inspire you to make the most out of your 2nd half of life. We also find relevant articles on travel, retirement, and health to share.

We share these stories and other relevant news on our Facebook and Twitter accounts daily and have compiled the stories from the last week in the following article.

Its Never too Late to Lace Up

Photo by tableatny

Photo by tableatny

Sylie Michaud changed her entire lifestyle to lose more than 100 pounds and took up running in her late 40s. Now 52, she is a personal trainer and running several marathons this year.

In talking about her weight loss, Michaud says “You actually don’t know what can happen…You really think that’s how you’re made and you’ve been told that your whole life.”

Michaud was recently selected as a spokesperson from the Canadian Heart and Stroke foundation. In speaking about her motivation Michaud says,” At the age I’m at now, you realize you have on life to live. I’ve lived more life behind me than I have in front of me, so I’m going to make the most of every second of every day”.

Queen Elizabeth’s 60th Coronation Anniversary

433px-Elizabeth_II_greets_NASA_GSFC_employees,_May_8,_2007_editQueen Elizabeth celebrated the 60th anniversary of her coronation with a service at Westminster Abbey.

Her coronation in 1953 was the first to be televised and many people bought television sets just to watch the event.

Seven Unusual Places to Retire

Retirement communities can be quite different than the typical rural location or ocean view, they can consist of shared interests or culture. Recent retirees are  looking for something different allowing them more personal choice. Communities can range from hot rod enthusiasts, to those interested in artistry, or for same sex couples, or those looking to head back to school.

photo by Suthernsir

photo by Suthernsir

Could you be Setting a World Record right now, and not even know it?

Sixty-three year old Linda Brown holds the Guinness World Record for the oldest competitive wakeboarder. She was the only person to apply for the record after a long process got her official certificate in 2010.

The sport came naturally to this 4’10 grandmother, and she competed in the age 40 or older category in competitions hosted by Wake N Skate, and Blackwater boat company.

One summer, one of her grandchildren suggested that she try out for the Guinness Book of  World Records. Her husband made the necessary connections, and it was at the Battle of Bull Run at SML in July 2009 that she set the record. She found out that shes not just the oldest female wakeboard competitor, but the oldest wakeboard competitor overall!

Photo by Mike Miley

Photo by Mike Miley

Strategies to Avoid Jet Lag This Summer

Scientists have studied a variety of strategies to combat the dreaded effects of jet lag, but which one works best?  Research suggest that rather than one method to combat jet lag, a variety of methods can help; whether it be using the hormone melatonin, seeking bright light at various times, adjusting your sleep schedule days before your trip, or forcing body to eat and sleep on local time post arrival.

As a general rule, it takes approximately one day per time zone, for your body’s internal clock to catch up. However, research suggests that older people may struggle more with adjusting to time zones as their internal clock is deteriorating. Depending on the length of trip you are taking,and your age, you try a combination of these methods to see which works best for you.

50+ Celebrity Birthdays

Kenny G–  Happy birthday to Kenny G who turned 57 on June 5th. He is a bestselling light jazz soprano and saxophone player

Photo by David Shankbone

Photo by David Shankbone

Suze Orman– Happy Birthday to Suze Orman who turned 62 on June 5. She is best known for her financial advice for everyday Americans.

Photo by jimieye

Photo by jimieye

Prince– Happy Birthday to Prince, who turns 55 on June 7. He’s known for his great guitar and singing skills.

Nancy Sinatra- Happy Birthday to Nancy Sinatra, who turns 73 on June 8th. The “Something Stupid” singer is the daughter of Frank Sinatra.

Bonnie Tyler- Happy Birthday Bonnie Tyler, who turns 62 on June 8th. The Welsh singer is best known for her hit song ” Total Eclipse of the heart” in 1983.

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