7 Steps to Goal Setting

May 14, 2010

By Fiona Walsh

3 traits of successful people

Successful Senior Business Woman

  • Future-oriented: clear vision of what they would like to be or do in the future
  • Goal-oriented: know what they want to accomplish in the short, medium, and long term
  • Action-oriented: they take action quickly.

7 Steps to Goal Setting:

1. Decide what you want in specific areas of your life. Write goals down to help make yourself accountable.
2. Set deadlines for the achievement of specific goals.
3. Create a list of resources that will help you attain those specific goals.
4. Create your ‘Action Item List’ from your resource list. This will give you a list of what you need to accomplish the goals.
5. Identify obstacles or limitation that may potentially hold you back from achieving your goals.
6. Take action towards achieving your goals. It is important to take action immediately to start the process.
7. Do something everyday that moves you closer to the achievement of your goals.

Fiona Walsh About the Author Fiona Walsh is the CEO and Founder of FM Walsh & Associates Inc and is a leading voice in the business world. She is a speaker and business coach with over 20 years of experience.

Reprinted with permission from FMWalsh.com

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