Terry Fox Foundation Continues the Fight Against Cancer

September 5, 2011

The iconic image of Terry Fox running along long and lonely roads during the 143 days of his Marathon of Hope does not convey the full picture of that historic effort. If the photographer were to widen his lens, there would appear the tens, hundreds, even thousands of Canadians lining those very roads cheering Terry on and taking inspiration from his example.

Bruce Moore, Terry Fox VolunteerBruce Moore was one of those Canadians. As Terry’s high school soccer coach and the counselor involved in speeding up Darrell Fox’s graduation so he could join his older brother on the Marathon of Hope, you could very much say that he has been with The Foundation from the beginning, running in every Terry Fox Run since 1981.

Yet, it wasn’t until his own life was touched with cancer that he truly understood. As Bruce Moore explains, “My son said ok, Dad, you are going to get involved on The Hometown Committee and really help beat this thing for everyone. It was the most natural progression for me. It felt like the right thing to do.”

When Terry Fox recognized that he would not be able to complete his marathon, he instead bequeathed his mission to those very Canadians who kept him going day in and day out. Many of those that took up Terry’s call for action are nearing, if not firmly in, their retirement. Yet their desire to work together to outrun cancer has not abated in the least. Active older adults all across Canada come out for community runs and Team Up For Terry with friends and family in remembrance of loved ones passed.

It has become apparent that many of Terry Fox’s most ardent followers are no longer able to lead the charge at their local Terry Fox Runs. In respect to their long-time support, The Terry Fox Foundation has recently launched Silver Fox Runs, a fantastic new initiative that challenges retirement homes to use their creativity in the battle against cancer. The staff and residents come together in the creations of bake sales, movie nights, book sales and light walks in conjunction with the Community Terry Fox Run.

The Birchwood Retirement Suites & Cottages answered the call and spiced things up in Chilliwack as teams stirred up chilli masterpieces with a lot of flare and drama in their recent Team Up For Terry Chili Cook-Off event with special guest judge, Rolly Fox. Tasting Kits were available by donation to the Terry Fox Foundation which includee a People’s Choice Ballot, an ice tea, hot dog and taster cups to try each of the team’s chili.

“Terry Fox believed that every person could make a difference, and we believe that too. Almost everyone knows someone in their life who has been affected by cancer,” explains Karen Corbeil, Community Relations Coordinator at The Birchwood, who took the Silver Fox Run to a whole new level by opening it to the public. “We strive to be good neighbours and thought a Block Party would be a fun way for the public to get to know us and our residents.”

Silver Fox Runs The Silver Fox Runs is an innovative way for retirees to help keep Canada at the forefront of cancer research. As per Terry’s wishes, The Terry Fox Foundation funds only the best research programs available, regardless of the cancer “site.” This means that our funds impact research programs into a wide variety of cancers, such as breast, prostate, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, leukemia and more.

Support from organizations like the Terry Fox Foundation, Canadian researchers have been involved with breakthroughs such as discovering stem cells in blood, discovering the “language” of cell growth communication, discovering the BRCA1 breast cancer susceptibility gene, developing a technique to easily insert mutations into genes (Nobel Prize), the HPV vaccine, and using viruses to target and destroy tumour tissue.

For more information about the Terry Fox Foundation, Team Up For Terry, Silver Fox Runs or
Terry Fox Runs, please visit TerryFox.org or call 1-888-836-9786.

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