Volunteer Opportunities with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind

April 8, 2010

Can you imagine not being able to read your favorite book or magazine? Not being able to hop in the car for a doctor visit or just to get some groceries? These are the realities faced by people with vision loss every day.

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) offers volunteers a chance to help out these visually impaired individuals.

As seniors we often have more time to donate to volunteering now that we are not raising a young family and in some cases no longer working. Volunteering is an ideal way to stay involved in a community while helping others.

Assisting people with impaired vision can take many forms. Some volunteers commit to reading and recording various books and written material so it is accessible to the visually impaired. Others volunteer to drive people around to various appointments. You can also serve on their board, organize a community fundraiser or advocate for greater resources.

You can even share some of your unique skills to help others. Victor and Betty Sobkowich, have volunteered at the CNIB for over 18 years. Betty has had age-related macular degeneration (AMD) for over 20 years and her husband has recently started showing signs of it as well. That hasn’t stopped them from dancing together for over 60 years and teaching other visually impaired adults how to ballroom dance.

Vision loss, particularly macular degeneration, is a cause close to the heart of our founder, Dr. Carolyn Anderson. She works with many seniors and performs cataract surgeries. She’s seen first-hand the difference the ability to see better can change someone’s life. She’s committed to donating 20% of all profits raised by Impowerage to funding research on macular degeneration.

We encourage you to contact your local CNIB branch and find out how you can contribute. For our readers in the US you can visit National Federation for the Blind for volunteer opportunities.

Where do you volunteer your time?

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