The Top Ten Principles for Attracting the Things You Want in Life

February 13, 2009

Senior Couple It is possible to live the life you want but it won’t happen by itself. You need to organize your life in a way that the things you want are attracted to you and you are ready for them.

The Top Ten Principles for Attracting the Things You Want in Life

1. Become incredibly selfish! Yes, it’s ironic, but as you take care of yourself, manage your time, your space, and your life well, you have more to give and share with others. If you want more clients, take extremely good care of Client #1.

2. Over-respond to every event! This is the opposite of over-reacting. Respond immediately to phone calls, answer questions in full, take time for others, thoughtfully and creatively go the extra mile.

3. Add value just for the joy of it! Do more, provide more, go further than you are paid for. Caution: Don’t just give more stuff, give more stuff that people really want and appreciate.

4. Market your talents shamelessly! Have fun, be proud of what you do, and tell everybody! If you aren’t excited, proud, and energized by what you do, do something else!

5. Affect others profoundly. Get out of the roles and job descriptions we all have given ourselves. Connect with people, question, respond, be silly, get “outside the box.” Whatever it takes, make an impact on your world.

6. Eliminate delay. Time is expensive, and wasting it is unattractive and irritating. Think things through, plan carefully, but in the end, actions count!

7. Thrive on the details. Pay attention to the subtleties, the small things. It’s the little extras that build you up, and the little slips that bring you down.

8. Tolerate nothing! Clean up all the irritations, the daily frustrations, and predictable annoyances of your life once and for all! Don’t just fix the problem, redesign your routine so those predictable irritations never bother you again!

9. Orient life around your values. When you spend your days living in harmony with your values, you become incredibly energized, peaceful, focused, and attractive!

10. Develop more character than you need! Beyond being good at your job and living with integrity, become very good at being YOU! Be a “real character,” the unique, gifted, complex, and unforgettable individual that you were born to be.

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  • Polly Little

    I love this list! Boy, did I need it, especially today, feeling sorry for myself …
    This seems to have been written exclusively for me to find on this day!! Thank you soooo much.
    I don’t usually take anything for granted and love the joyous gift of life. Lately I have not been a very pleasant person to be around and I absolutely hate that!!! I have many blessings and much to be thankful for. SO HAPPY to be guided to this site!!!!

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