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Health & Wellness

Senior Health & Wellness

As we age, it becomes essential that we prioritize our health and well-being. Our senior health and wellness articles cover a wide range of topics to help seniors maintain physical, mental, and emotional health. From exercise and nutrition to disease prevention and management, we aim to provide relevant and considered advice, and practical tips for seniors and their caregivers.

Senior Daily Living

Senior daily living advice

Our senior daily living articles cover a wide range of topics to help seniors maintain independence and safety in their daily lives. From personal care and home safety to fun activities and the latest electronics, our articles provide practical tips and expert advice for seniors and their caregivers. We also cover topics such as senior services and resources to help seniors access the support they need.

Senior Mobility

Mobility articles and reviews for seniors

Our mobility articles cover everything seniors need to know about staying mobile and independent. From expert reviews and advice on wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, and mobility scooters to tips on staying active and improving mobility, our articles provide practical guidance for seniors and their caregivers. Browse our collection of mobility articles to discover ways to improve mobility and enhance the quality of life.

Latest Articles

Best Power Wheelchair for Outdoor Use

Best Power Wheelchair for Outdoor Use (Top 11 in 2024)

Power wheelchairs can help people who aren’t strong enough to propel a manual wheelchair. They allow you to travel long distances and work as a useful mobility device to get around supermarkets and shopping malls. Essentially, you gain freedom and independence – improving your life quality immensely. We’ve researched and collected the best power wheelchairs…
Best Wheelchair for Amputees

Best Wheelchair for Amputees [Our Top 5 Picks for 2024]

The right wheelchair can be a great advantage for an amputee. Our top pick is the Medline Lightweight Wheelchair with elevating leg rests and flip-back, desk-length arms. If you or a family member are adjusting to life after lower limb amputation, then choosing the right wheelchair is an important process. Related post: Best Reclining Wheelchair…
Best Wheelchair Cushion for Pressure Relief

Best Wheelchair Cushion for Pressure Relief [Top 12 Picks for 2024]

Wheelchair cushions are more than just a piece of equipment to provide comfort for users. They’re also specifically designed to prevent skin damage, such as pressure sores while allowing for correct posture and body positioning. Ask any wheelchair user, and they’ll agree that having a properly cushioned wheelchair is essential, especially when using your wheelchair…
Best Reclining Wheelchair with Headrest

Best Reclining Wheelchair with Headrest [Top 5 for 2024]

Wheelchairs are used by many people in different circumstances. Disability, mobility impairment due to age, pregnancy, injury, and obesity are some of the most common reasons why a wheelchair may be required. However, wheelchairs are not all the same, and some are made specifically for certain needs. Reclining wheelchairs, particularly those with a headrest, give…

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