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Forever Running Together: Dick & Rick Hoyt

There are some stories that are more amazing than others and this one is a story of perseverance, love and overcoming obstacles at any age. For years they have been making things happen that they were told could not be done all the while leaving a trail that lets others know that anything is possible…
Women run Boston marathon - thanks to pioneer Kathrine Switzer

Kathrine Switzer: A Running Pioneer

Kathrine Switzer has made history pioneering running for women, but she does not reside in the past. She is passionate about health, and wants the best for every individual. She is an Emmy award-winner, has been named Female Runner of the Decade by Runner’s World Magazine, and this past year, she was inducted into the National…
Shower or bath handrail for elderly

How To Senior Proof Your Home

Through my work with a senior home care agency, I have become more aware of the struggles our elders have. All too often, I hear of our elders fallen down, breaking a bone, or sometimes a much more severe accident will happen. So I think it’s important to focus attention on safety in our later years…
Best Power Wheelchair for Outdoor Use

Best Power Wheelchair for Outdoor Use (Top 11 in 2021)

Power wheelchairs can help people who aren’t strong enough to propel a manual wheelchair. They allow you to travel long distances and work as a useful mobility device to get around supermarkets and shopping malls. Essentially, you gain freedom and independence – improving your life quality immensely. We’ve researched and collected the best power wheelchairs…

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