Spring Cleaning Your Relationship

April 30, 2011

By Kim Leatherdale

I’ve been cleaning my condo and office the last few beautiful days.  It feels so good to get organized and freshened up!  So why don’t I maintain it well between-times?  Maybe I’m just human – I get lax, stop doing the right things, and forget organization.  It would help if I took a little time each day to settle my territory.

In her beautiful book, Comfort Living, Christine Eisner shares six succinct tips for tending your space:

* If you open it, close it
* If you put it down, pick it up
* If you take it off, hang it up
* If you mess it up, clean it up
* If you take it out, put it back

She notes, “You will be clearing a path that makes it easier to enjoy the small pleasures and relaxing moments that make a good life.”  These are great rules to live and pass along to your children and grandchildren.  It is the small simple things that make life go smoothly and beautifully.  Thanks, Christine.

How does this connect to your relationship?


This week give a thought to the things you can be doing to tend your relationships daily.  Implement a list of rules like these:

* If you want something, ask for it
* If you like something, appreciate it
* If you are stuffing it, let it out gently
* If you are blowing up, tone it down
* If you feel disconnected, reach out
* If you see a need, fill it

Spend a little of your Spring cleaning energy to look at the things you need to change or refine in how you relate.  At the minimum you could be doing regular checkups and cleanups in your relationship.  Take a little time daily to settle your relationship space.  Throw out any unhealthy behaviors that have crept in, and spruce up the healthy things you are doing.

And hopefully that refreshing, relaxing, and complete feeling will stay around all year.

Kim Leatherdale About the Author: Kim Leatherdale is a licensed professional counselor and relationship blogger. She offers on-line, phone, and in office counseling and relationship coaching. For more information visit her website: CreatingRewardingRelationships, Facebook page: CreatingRewardingRelationships, or Twitter account: HappyCoupleXprt

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