Travel and Retirement

March 4, 2011

By Dr. Larry Anderson

Travel is the second most common leisure activity reported by many retirees. Retirement can provide us with an opportunity for personal growth through expanded leisure activity much wider than fishing or playing golf. It can also help us develop new senses of identity without interference of routines associated with our work roles.

Travel is often seen as a retirement transition activity taking us from both work and home settings and daily activity and social interactions with co-workers. I have close friends who, after retiring six years ago purchased a Winnebago and still enjoy travel to many places in the United States and Canada

Several years ago I received a grant to present my ageism research at a conference in Barcelona, Spain. My wife was able to accompany me. After flying across the Atlantic Ocean, we landed in Paris and stayed for several days. While we were there we visited the Eiffel tower. We then went on to Barcelona, Spain where the conference was being held. While we were in Barcelona we visited the Picasso Art Gallery. These are things I will never forget.

If I had the money, I would travel to many places in the world. Unfortunately, financial limitations as well as family duties, personal health, and pets can interfere.

What are some of your favourite travel memories? Was travel one of the things you looked forward to after retirement?

About the Author: Dr. Larry Anderson is university professor of psychology who is retiring soon. He has started a company called BC Community Building and plans on presenting workshops to prepare people for retirement. Dr. Anderson is on the board of the Langley Senior’s Resource Society. Read more of Larry’s articles at his blog.

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