Best Rollator for Short Person

Best Rollator for Short Person [Top 4 Picks for 2024]

Rollators are a great product to aid people in mobility. They offer the balance and support of a wheeled walker with a built-in seat so you can easily rest your legs instead of trying to find a convenient place to sit down. They’re perfect for taking along on shopping trips or walks through your neighborhood. 

However, finding the right size rollator can be difficult for short people. They need a rollator that fits their smaller stature with a lower seat to the ground so that they can sit comfortably with their feet on the ground. We’ve done the research and overall, have chosen the Nova Zoom Rollator Walker as the best rollator for a short person due to its lightweight frame, low seat height, and padded backrest. 

Read on for the rest of our recommendations if you’re looking for the best rollators for short people.

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Best Rollator for Short Person

Best Overall – Nova Zoom Rollator

Best Overall
Nova Zoom Rollator
Nova Zoom Rollator
This lightweight rollator has a padded seat with storage underneath the seat.

The Nova Zoom Rollator is our top pick as the best overall rollator for short people. The handles can be adjusted from 27.75” to 31.25” for people who are 4’10” to 5’4”. The padded seat is 18” high, so shorter people can sit comfortably, with their feet planted on the ground for comfort and stability.

The wheels on the Nova Zoom Rollator Walker are 8” with ruggedness and durability to go both indoors and outdoors smoothly. It’s patented Lock n’ Load feature, and lightweight of only 15.5lbs makes it easy to fold up and transport it in your vehicle.

Best for Bariatric Needs – OasisSpace Heavy Duty Rollator

Best for Bariatric Needs
OasisSpace Heavy Duty Rollator
OasisSpace Heavy Duty Rollator
This larger capacity rollator walker can hold up to 500lbs.

The OasisSpace Heavy Duty Rollator is an excellent choice for short bariatric seniors or anyone with mobility limitations. The seat is positioned at 17.5”, so people with a shorter stature can sit easily and comfortably. The wide padded backrest helps relieve back pain, and the padded seat has memory foam for comfort.

This rollator walker has a lightweight design and easily folds up, making it easy to transport. The 8” wheels are rugged and durable, so the OasisSpace Heavy Duty Rollator Walker will take you where you want to go.

Best Budget Option – Medline Freedom Ultralight Rollator

Best Budget Option
Medline Freedom Ultralight Rollator
Medline Freedom Ultralight Rollator
Arms and seat are adjustable in this lightweight, foldable rollator walker.

The Medline Freedom Ultralight Rollator is a good option if you are on a tight budget. The arms and seat are adjustable and can easily accommodate people who are at least 4’11”. The seat and backrest have padding for comfort. 

You can easily store your personal belongings under the seat. This rollator walker’s weight and the fact that it folds flat makes it easy to store and transport.

Best Upright Rollator – UPWalker Stand Up Rollator

Best Upright Rollator
UPWalker Stand Up Rollator
UPWalker Stand Up Rollator
Good ergonomic design for better posture and reduce pain.

The UPWalker Lite Original Upright Walker is an excellent option for people looking for a rollator that allows them to stand straight instead of bending over with more traditional rollators. The armrests give your lower arms support, reducing pain in your arms, wrists, and hands. 

This rollator also has a slimmer design, making it easier to fit through doorways. The padded backrest provides comfort when seated. A convenient storage area under the seat is excellent for holding personal items, so your hands remain free to operate your equipment.

What to Consider When Buying a Rollator for Short Person

Person walking with rollator

Seat Height

When selecting a rollator for short people, look at the distance between the ground and the seat. You want a seat that allows you to sit comfortably, with your feet touching the ground. If your seat is too high, you may lose your balance when trying to stand, increasing the probability of falling.


Are you looking for a rollator that you will mainly use indoors? Or do you prefer one that will allow you to take walks outside? Wheel size, frame strength, and weight of the rollator are factors to consider if you are looking for a rollator to use both indoors and outdoors.


Rollators help with mobility, which allows continued independence. You will want a rollator that is easy to transport in your vehicle. A lightweight frame that folds flat makes it easier for you to get your rollator from one location to another.

Elderly folding rollator near a car

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure for a rollator?

Stand straight, wearing a pair of shoes. Have someone measure the distance between the crease of your wrist to the floor. That is the optimal height for the handles. Then, measure the distance from the crease in the back of your knees to the floor. That is the optimal height for the seat.  Other factors to consider are the weight capacity of the seat and the width of your doorways.

Who shouldn’t use a rollator?

If you need to use a walker to get into a standing position, a rollator might not be a good option for you. You need a device with better stability. You should also not use a rollator if you have extreme weakness in the lower body that makes you unable to bear weight.

What’s the difference between a rollator and a walker?

The main difference between a rollator and a walker is the wheels. A walker has four legs and provides support for people who can still walk but need added stability for balance. Using a walker usually involves placing a walker one step ahead of you, stepping toward it, then repeating the action. A rollator has four wheels for pushing. A rollator usually comes with handbrakes and a seat.

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