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Sign indicating Athabasca Pass, Alberta, Canada

In The Wake Of The Mighty Thompson

Tracing the grueling steps of Canadian fur trader proves exhilarating for life-long outdoorsman. A few months shy of his 60th birthday, Steve Flawith set out on a once-in-a-lifetime trip through the Canadian wilderness. He would join nearly 200 people who would follow in the footsteps, or should I say the path of the paddle, of…
Bicyclist needs more fluids

Fluid Intake Recommendations For Seniors

Reader Question: How much water should I drink while exercising? Should I be using a sports drink? Susan’s Answer: Whether you are an athlete in training or just starting a fitness program for the first time keeping your body hydrated is very important to the function of our body’s cells and our performance in our sport. When you are…
Early retiree couple walking in long grass near water on a sunny day

The Early Retirement Factor

Throughout the last part of the 20th Century most people retired between 60 and 64. Now the average retirement age is actually rising. With the growing economic uncertainty, some people may think that early retirement is bad for society; that those who retire, especially those who decide to retire early, will not be pulling their…
Feet in sandals surrounded by arrows - representing career change choices

It’s Never Too Late To Change Careers

Over 50 and feel like you have aged out of a career change? Feel like jobs are only available to the younger crowd? I am 51 years old and have had many changes in career over the years – and even just this year I made another change and got my real estate license. There…
Elderly woman running

Sister Madonna Buder: AKA The Iron Nun

I am one of those that thinks by the time I am 80 I will be sitting around feeling sorry for myself for all the things I cannot do anymore – I am sure some of you can relate! But when you see this story of the Iron Nun – you too will change your…
Older man hands typing email on a laptop

8 Tips For Using Email Safely

I am a digital kind of gal, so I have no fear of privacy or protecting myself online, but I know many of my 50-something friends do! Whether you are worried about privacy breaches on social media or being hacked through your email there are steps you can take to protect yourself. Heck even the…

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