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Best Wheelchair Cushion for Pressure Relief

Best Wheelchair Cushion for Pressure Relief [Top 12 Picks for 2021]

Wheelchair cushions are more than just a piece of equipment to provide comfort for users. They’re also specifically designed to prevent skin damage, such as pressure sores while allowing for correct posture and body positioning. Ask any wheelchair user, and they’ll agree that having a properly cushioned wheelchair is essential, especially when using your wheelchair…
Best Rollator for Travel

Best Rollator for Travel [Top 10 Picks for 2021]

Mobility challenges can put a damper on your travel plans. But limited mobility doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get out to enjoy traveling. With a rollator that’s right for you, travel adventures can still be a part of your life. Our top pick for the best overall travel rollator is the Drive Medical Nitro Euro…
Best Wheelchair for Amputees

Best Wheelchair for Amputees [Our Top 5 Picks for 2021]

The right wheelchair can be a great advantage for an amputee. Our top pick is the Medline Lightweight Wheelchair with elevating leg rests and flip-back, desk-length arms. If you or a family member are adjusting to life after lower limb amputation, then choosing the right wheelchair is an important process. Related post: Best Reclining Wheelchair…

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