Best Power Wheelchair for Outdoor Use

Best Power Wheelchair for Outdoor Use (Top 11 in 2024)

Power wheelchairs can help people who aren’t strong enough to propel a manual wheelchair. They allow you to travel long distances and work as a useful mobility device to get around supermarkets and shopping malls. Essentially, you gain freedom and independence – improving your life quality immensely.

We’ve researched and collected the best power wheelchairs for outdoor use, with the best overall being the Ranger Discovery D09. As far as power wheelchairs go, most users can’t go wrong with this one. However, we have plenty of other options for different needs and preferences. Keep reading to find the best power wheelchair for outdoor use.

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Best Power Wheelchairs for Outdoor Use in 2024

Best Overall – Ranger Discovery D09 Weatherproof Exclusive Electric Wheelchair

Best Overall
Ranger Discovery D09
Ranger Discovery D09
An award-winning portable power wheelchair that folds in 3 seconds.

The Ranger Discovery D09 is our top pick because it’s a robust and sturdy power wheelchair with premium comfort. Lightweight and compact enough for travel (only 13” high when folded) but still heavy-duty and capable of handling rough terrain, it’s a versatile and useful electric wheelchair.

This wheelchair works best for lighter passengers, with a maximum weight capacity being 265 pounds. The seat size is comfortable at 20 inches, and the wheelchair is powered by a dual-motor system, giving you a smooth ride with an excellent turning radius. The long-lasting battery, which is airplane compatible, allows up to 12 miles per charge.


  • High-comfort with ergonomic design
  • Comes with a travel bag for storage of daily necessities
  • High-grade suspension mechanism for shock absorption
  • Can handle all kinds of terrain, from grass to snow
  • Approved for air travel
  • Lightweight and compact


  • It may not be suited for heavy users.

Best Premium Option – Porto Mobility Ranger Quattro Foldable Electric Wheelchair

Best Premium Option
Porto Mobility Ranger Quattro
Porto Mobility Ranger Quattro
Strong electric chair with 300-watt motor and ultra-long-range.

Porto Mobility Ranger Quattro is our premium option for those willing to pay a bit extra for a top of the range power wheelchair. This mobility device offers superior comfort, long-range, and a compact size. With its Dual Lithium Batteries, it provides maximum power so you can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge. The new Sensi-Touch Joystick means it can go in all directions with an excellent turning radius, allowing you to navigate tight spaces.

With spacious under-the-seat storage, you can easily tuck your belongings away for extra convenience. The seat cushion is removable, the backrest washable, and the footrest can flip up for added comfort. The Ranger Quattro folds up in seconds and fits in most compact car trunks. It’s also airline and cruise approved, making it ideal for bringing on your holiday.


  • Super-long range, meaning you won’t need to worry about getting stuck far from home
  • Fold up in seconds and compact enough to fit in the trunk
  • New Sensi-Touch Joystick making it easy to maneuver
  • Includes extra padded travel bag, making transporting more convenient
  • Easy to control, manage and use
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Great customer service


  • Too heavy for the elderly to lift by themselves
  • Tricky to fold up on your own

Best Budget Option – Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair

Best Budget Option
Drive Medical Cirrus Plus
Drive Medical Cirrus Plus
Heavy-duty and durable, perfect for everyday use and on rough terrain.

As a budget option, we’ve chosen the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus, a heavy-duty and sturdy power wheelchair. Because of its heavyweight (146 lbs), it’s not the most suitable for travel. However, if you need a reliable power chair for your daily errands, this is a perfect choice. It’s also an excellent power wheelchair for outdoor use over rugged terrain.

It comes with an attractive steel cross-brace frame, which is foldable for easy maintenance and portability. The padded back upholstery has a storage pouch, and the cushioned seat offers excellent comfort. The armrests are padded, adjustable, and removable. Swing-away footrests mean it’s easy to get in and out of the chair.


  • Adequate ground clearance of 4 inches and can climb at a 6-degree incline.
  • Adjustable and removable armrests, along with swing-away footrests with calf straps and heel loops
  • Seat cushion with pouch for easy storage, an adjustable tension, and padded back upholstery, all of which add significantly to your convenience, safety, and comfort.
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs and a maximum speed of 5.5


  • Significantly heavier than other power wheelchairs in the same category
  • Hard to assemble
  • Not suitable for travel

Best Turning Radius – Go Chair Pride Mobility Electric Wheelchair

Best Turning Radius
Go Chair Pride Mobility
Go Chair Pride Mobility
High-quality power wheelchair with a compact turning radius.

The Go Chair Pride Mobility is an excellent option for outdoor use. As an Amazon top-seller, this mobility device has a lot going for it. It has one of the most compact turning radius when it comes to wheelchairs for outdoor use. Turning in only 25.4” (just over 2 feet), it’s ideal for navigating crowded spaces like the supermarket or the museum.

Weighing around 66 pounds without batteries, it’s an excellent mid-weight option. Unfortunately, it has a lower range of about 8.7 compared to electric wheelchairs in the same class. However, many other features outweigh the minuses. With an easy-to-remove battery pack and lightweight frame, the Go Chair is perfect for anyone on the go. Recently re-engineered from tip to toe, it now offers a sleek design in an array of contemporary colors.


  • Remote control access
  • Feather-touch disassembly
  • Good value for money
  • Comes with all the essential features
  • Great turning radius
  • Comes in a model for plus-size users


  • The warranty is not the most comprehensive in the industry.
  • Inflatable rear wheels need regular checks for optimal air pressure.
  • Lower travel range than similar wheelchairs for outdoor use

Best Reclining Option – Ranger Discovery Reclining Power Wheelchair

Best Reclining Option
Ranger Discovery Reclining Power Wheelchair
Ranger Discovery Reclining Power Wheelchair
Lightweight and compact power chair that reclines for extra comfort.

Ranger Discovery Reclining Power Wheelchair is the comfort king of power wheelchairs. Whether you’re resting in front of the TV or going out for a longer drive, the Reclining Ranger offers exceptional support. Equipped with a reclining backrest, you can smoothly go from fully upright to leaning back. It’s one of the most lightweight power wheelchairs on the market, yet sturdy enough for a weight capacity of 350lbs.

Its long-range means you can feel safe going on longer trips without the battery going flat. Plus, the Mobility Ranger comes with a free extra battery, allowing you to travel up to 18 miles on a single charge. The turning radius on this chair is excellent, so you can easily navigate it indoors and in tight spaces.


  • The long-range and extra battery provided
  • Reclining backrest for added comfort
  • Most lightweight electric chair on the market
  • Airline approved and safe for travel
  • Can handle uneven terrain and curbs effortlessly


  • The controller is in a fixed position

Best Compact Power Chair – Sentire Med Forza Foldable Power Wheelchair

Best Compact Option
Sentire Med Forza Chair
Sentire Med Forza Chair
Extremely compact power chair – perfect for travel.

The Sentire Med Forza is the power chair for those who want a lightweight chair for travel and everyday use. It folds up in a few seconds, without the need to disassemble, and can easily be stored in a car trunk. It even has a handle under the seat for easy lifting. Talk about convenience! Despite its small size and being lightweight, the Sentire Med Forza is durable and handles rugged terrain with ease. Operate it on grass, gravel roads, or even snow – its ergonomic design will keep you comfortable.

Equipped with two 250-watt motors, it ensures you a powerful ride – going up hills and bumps effortlessly. The heavy-duty front casters and forks are made to handle the impact of any surface and a high weight capacity. It also has a sharp turning radius so that you can get around indoors without hassle. Some extra features include storage bags, a cup holder, and a battery bag. The seat is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • Very easy to fold without disassembly
  •  Compact and lightweight
  • Handles uneven terrain with its powerful motors
  • Joystick easy to detach
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • The wheels can leave black marks
  • Can be hard to navigate in tight spaces
  • More suitable for outdoor use

Best Foldable for Outdoor Use – Bangeran Folding Power Chair

Best Foldable Option
Bangeran Folding Power Chair
Bangeran Folding Power Chair
Lightweight and portable power wheelchair perfect for travel.

Bangeran Folding Power Chair is a high-tech mobility device and one of the best power wheelchairs on the market. Weighing only 40 lbs, it’s effortless to bring along on a trip. Plus, it has a simple-folding design for easy storage. Despite its lightweight design, it can handle riders up to 265 lbs.

Designed for a comfortable and smooth ride, you can operate this electric wheelchair on any surface – grass, gravel, or snow. The absorber ensures that you’ll sit comfortably even on rough terrain. And with a narrow turning radius, you can easily navigate this wheelchair inside as well.


  • Extremely lightweight, weighing only 40 lbs
  • Equipped with Bluetooth remote control
  • Can handle rugged terrain with ease
  • Ideal for airplane or cruises


  • Sensitive joystick takes some getting used to

Best All-Terrain Option – Forcemech Navigator XL Power Wheelchair (Limited Edition)

Best Heavy-Duty Option
Forcemech Navigator XL (Limited Edition)
Forcemech Navigator XL (Limited Edition)
Premium power wheelchair with a superb weight capacity.

The Forcemech Navigator XL (Limited Edition) is an all-terrain electric wheelchair perfect for outdoor use. Based in Texas, Foremech is an industry leader offering premium mobility equipment. The Forcemech Navigator XL has a sturdy construction and is also the most advanced folding electric chair on the market. FAA approved, you can bring this power wheelchair on your next overseas holiday.

The XL version has an upgraded seating area (17×19”), making it the biggest of its kind on the market. This means supreme comfort for the user while traveling smoothly over any terrain. The Dual Lithium batteries will last up to 18 miles on a single charge, making the Forcemech Navigator ideal for outdoor use. While allowing weights up to 400lbs, it still folds into a compact size and fits into most trunk spaces. Some other features included are front shock absorption tires, foldable controller, and anti-theft electronic lock.


  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Well constructed design
  • The widest seat on the market with superior comfort


  • The control handle can be a bit jerky
  • It’s quite loud

Best Portable Option – Forcemech Voyager R2 Folding Electric Wheelchair

Best Portable Option
Forcemech Voyager R2
Forcemech Voyager R2
Approved for airplane travel, making it great for overseas trips and everyday use.

The Forcemech Voyager R2 is easily one of the top power wheelchairs for outdoor use. It is also approved for airplane travel, making it great for overseas trips and everyday use. Because of its weight and dimensions, the Voyager R2 is classified as an ultra-portable power wheelchair. Without batteries, it weighs only 43lbs. Its lightweight design and easy maneuverability make it one of the best power wheelchairs for indoors and outdoors.

The enhanced aluminum frame allows a maximum weight capacity of 265lbs. With the incorporated ergonomic design, you’ll enjoy maximum comfort. For extra structural stability, all wheels are built with metal alloy cores. Shock-absorption springs in the front allow you to have a smooth ride over all terrain.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver indoors and outdoors
  • Rear reflective lights for extra safety and visibility
  • Ergonomic design
  • Sleek dimensions, making it easy to carry when folded
  • The dual batteries allow a maximum travel distance of up to 16 miles


  • Weight capacity only 265lbs
  • Maximum travel speed is relatively low at only four mph, which could be an issue if you’re using it extensively outdoors
  • The chair is low from the ground, sometimes making it difficult to transfer from chair to vehicle

Best Lightweight Option – Porto Mobility Ranger X6 Lightweight (41 lbs) Foldable Electric Wheelchair

Best Lightweight Option
Porto Mobility Ranger X6 Lightweight
Porto Mobility Ranger X6 Lightweight
Designed with the highest comfort, this power wheelchair works indoors and outdoors.

Porto Mobility ‘s Ranger X6 Lightweight is a top of the range power wheelchair for outdoor use. The reviews on Amazon speak for themselves. Compared to many other power wheelchairs, the Ranger X6 has the benefit of being incredibly lightweight. It’s been nominated The World’s Lightest Foldable Power Wheelchair, weighing only 41 pounds without batteries.

Designed with the highest comfort, this power wheelchair works indoors and outdoors. It folds into the size of a suitcase in no time at all, making it easy to store and bring on your trips. The Ranger X6 power wheelchair comes with features that make it a breeze to drive around on. The joystick is flexible to suit left or right-handed users. Seat and back cushions are removable for easy cleaning, and with a simple switch, the X6 can go into freewheel mode and be used as a manual push-chair.


  • The lightest power wheelchair on the market
  • Can be used as a manual push-chair
  • Flexible joystick to suit left and right-handed
  • Very compact and portable when folded
  • Airplane approved


  • The turning radius could be better
  • Hard to maneuver indoors and sit close to a table

Best for Getting Up Hills – ComfyGo Rubicon Electric Wheelchair

Best for Getting Up Hills
ComfyGo Rubicon Electric Wheelchair
ComfyGo Rubicon Electric Wheelchair
Ideal for travel, folding to a compact size in seconds, and small enough to fit most trunks.

The ComfyGo Rubicon is a robust and ergonomic electric wheelchair. Operate it efficiently on uneven terrains such as grass, gravel, or snow. With a shock absorber, you’ll drive comfortably over any surface. This power wheelchair also has a sharp turning radius of only 33 inches, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Navigate through narrow hallways and door frames with ease, or take the Rubicon on a more extended trip. The long driving range means you won’t need to worry about the battery going flat midway home. And the 500-watt brushless motor has enough power to get you up hills without struggling.

The Rubicon is also ideal for travel, folding to a compact size in seconds, and small enough to fit most trunks. With under the seat storage, you can easily store your daily belongings. It also comes with intelligent electromagnetic brakes to ensure passenger safety.


  • Sharp turning radius
  • Great for outdoor and indoor use
  • Shock absorbent to ensure you a smooth ride over rough terrain
  • Powerful motor that will quickly get you up hills


  • The high price

What to Consider When Buying a Power Wheelchair for Outdoor Use

It’s a significant decision to buy an electric wheelchair; that’s why it’s crucial to do enough research and make an informed decision. People have different needs and circumstances, meaning you need to look for power wheelchairs that come with the features you prefer.

Person outside riding a power wheelchair

When it comes to power wheelchairs for outdoor use, more tread gives more gripping power, and in combination with a powerful motor, that’s what helps you chew through even the most challenging outdoor terrain. Below are some other essential aspects to help you find the best outdoor electric wheelchair.


The range of power wheelchairs is an essential factor to consider. Think about where you’ll mostly be using your wheelchair. Do you want the ability to drive further, or is it mostly going to be used for short errands? A simple, lightweight folding electric wheelchair may go 8 miles per charge, while more advanced models can go about 20 miles on a single charge. It all depends on what sort of battery the power wheelchair has.


Your power wheelchair’s stability is critical when you’re using it outdoors, sometimes on rough terrain. Generally, all-electric wheelchairs provide enough stability in terms of safety. However, if you want to ensure extra stability, a good option is to look for a rear-wheel-drive power wheelchair. They’re ideal for rugged outdoor terrain and handle slopes and bumps more easily than front-wheel drive. Typically equipped with shock absorbers, they offer a smooth and comfortable ride.


Whether you’re going to use your power wheelchair for extended periods or just occasionally – you want to make sure that your comfort level is high. Check the width of the seat and what sort of material it has. You can always add a cushion to provide even more comfort, but you still want the wheelchair to have a reliable and comfortable base. Many people prefer padded armrests, which will give you adequate support for your arms.

Woman sitting on electric wheelchair


Do you want to be able to easily store the power wheelchair in your car if you’re on the go? Are you planning on taking it when you’re going overseas? Checking the weight is vital before making a purchase. Power wheelchairs come in every kind of size and weight – some are heavy-duty and robust; some are lightweight and more portable. If traveling is your top priority, then we’d suggest looking for a more compact and lightweight model.


Most power wheelchairs have a maximum speed of 5 mph. However, some models can get up to 10 mph or more. If you’re a more active user, perhaps you’ll want to consider a power wheelchair that has a higher top speed. Another option is getting a mobility scooter, which is generally faster. For indoor use, a slower speed is better for safety. There’s no need to go faster than 5 miles per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Medicare pay for a power wheelchair?

Power wheelchairs are covered by Medicare only when they’re medically necessary. That means you need to have a face-to-face examination and a written prescription from a doctor. If you’re approved for an electric wheelchair through Medicare, you can expect to pay 20% of the cost while Medicare pays 80 %. You also need to make sure that your doctor, your DME supplier (Durable Medical Equipment supplier), and yourself have been enrolled in Medicare.

How do I choose a motorized wheelchair?

Choosing the best power wheelchair for your needs isn’t an easy task. You need to carefully consider how, when, and where you’ll be using your wheelchair. This will narrow down your options for suitable wheelchairs. It’s also a good idea to read plenty of reviews, find the bestsellers and take it from there. If you find a power wheelchair that ticks all your boxes and is within your budget – then it’s probably your perfect fit. And with the market being full of good-quality power wheelchairs, you’re not spoilt for choice.

Woman on power wheelchair outdoors

What’s the difference between mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs?

There are many differences between power wheelchairs and mobility scooters. One of the biggest ones has to do with how they’re operated. Mobility scooters have a tiller and handlebars instead of a power wheelchair, which you drive using a joystick. Your health and mobility level may indicate whether a scooter or a power wheelchair is best for you.

Another difference is the number of wheels. A mobility scooter typically has three or four wheels, whereas an electric wheelchair has six wheels or more. Most of them have two large drive wheels and four smaller wheels called casters.

How long does a wheelchair battery last?

Fully charged power wheelchair batteries last for at least 8 hours and can travel around 10 miles. However, some batteries may last up to 20 miles. The overall battery health will impact the time and distance you can travel on a single charge.  If your battery is more than 1 ½ years old, its lifespan may start to deteriorate, and your travel range decreases. That’s when you need to think about getting a replacement battery.

There are things you can do yourself to increase the battery lifetime. For example, don’t leave your charger plugged into the outlet when you’re not using it. Also, make sure you don’t expose the battery to extreme temperatures. The way you operate your mobility device also affects the battery – traveling at a constant speed can optimize your battery life. The type of battery also determines the travel range. Sealed, lead-acid batteries are generally the ones with optimal travel range.

How much does a power wheelchair cost?

A power wheelchair’s price ranges from $1,500 to $4,000 and can even reach $15,000. Mid wheel drive systems are generally more expensive than those with front and rear-wheel drive. High-end power wheelchairs with features, such as reclining options, faster speeds, etc., will be up there in price. Many of the more affordable options are perfectly fine for most people.

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